Dec 7, 2012

Unique Wedding Favours to Match Your Colour Scheme

When planning a wedding, most brides want everything to match. Many brides are quite particular about everything matching their colour scheme, including their wedding favours and centrepieces. Here are a few unique coloured wedding favours to match your colour scheme for your wedding.


Red is the colour of love. It is one of the most commonly coloured favours requested by brides. Usually, hearts come to mind when you think of red coloured wedding favours, but there are several other unique favours as well. These include; tubes of lip gloss, candles, fuzzy red decorative pens, and red nail polish for a sassy new look. Almost any wedding guest can figure out something to do with these items.


Pink is the colour of friendship. Popular, unique pink favours include candy conversation hearts or Love hearts and fresh flowers. There are many shades of pink that you can purchase fresh blossoms in to use as your favours. Almost everyone loves flowers and would have difficulty saying no to a nice, fresh flower.


White is the classic wedding colour, therefore, there are thousands of favours to match this colour scheme. The most difficult part is finding something that you feel is unique. Ostrich feathers or any other long white feather has been an interesting white favour in the past. They are unique in the fact that very few people have thought of the idea. Other white wedding favours have included; a decorative white box containing chocolates, cupcakes, personalized candies, dove shaped items such as cookies or containers.


Purple is the colour of royalty, perhaps the reason why many brides choose it for their weddings. A unique purple wedding favour is balloons. Most think that balloons are only for children, but they can be personalized with writing or items such as confetti or other small items inside the balloon. By using a metallic purple, you can avoid the child-like quality of the balloon as well.


This is a new colour being added to many weddings. Any type of coloured favours you would choose would be unique. Some unique favours could include silver place card holders, dragees- a silver, edible decorative candy, wedding confetti, silver chain necklaces and candles.


Gold is also a new colour that many brides have started to choose for their wedding colour schemes. Gold reminds people of the sunshine. Some unique favour ideas are balloons, confetti, gold wedding crackers and gold pouches containing gold sugar coated almonds.

Whatever you choose for your wedding colour scheme, there are plenty of interesting favours available to coordinate with it. There is no restriction on what a wedding favour has to be, so let your imagination run wild.

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