Dec 21, 2012

Unique Talents, Habits, and Priority Focus!

Your unique talents are influenced by the things that you are passionate about. Maybe like me you are passionate about sharing ideas with people. Whether you believe it or not you have unique talents that influence you day in and day out. If you are unsure of what your talents may be try sitting quietly alone one day and while reflecting ask yourself:

"what am I truly passionate about?"

"what are my greatest personal strengths?"

"what tasks am I naturally good at, or can I do with ease?" 

The answers to these questions are some of what drives you. You wouldn't be naturally good at something, or have built up a personal strength in certain areas if you weren't sub consciously driven to do so. Now that you have begun to explore the answers to these questions a great idea would be to write them down. Some of the world's most influential and successful people swear by journaling as a way to promote focus and creativeness. Give it a try, you might be surprised at how the little habit of journaling will help you.

Successful people like to focus on their unique talents and personal strengths. They focus on the things that they do brilliantly, so why don't you? When you focus your energy on the things that you do brilliantly you could reap big rewards in your personal and professional life. If you want to truly focus on your unique talent you should start by creating the habit of priority focus. You must focus on letting that talent grow and develop, which is no easy task in a day when so much fights for our time and attention on a daily basis.

Habits are funny things, they develop without us knowing it and yet can take considerable effort to change. Which is okay if you have developed good habits that help you nurture and develop your unique talents. All to often though the day to day routine seems to cause us to let many of our passions, and therefore unique talents, fall by the way side. This may allow you to lead a modestly productive life, what it won't do is allow you to achieve your greatest dreams. If you want to achieve these learn to let go of some of the restraints and "stuff" in your life. Begin to build the habit of priority focus, and focus on your unique talents, let them grow.

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As an aspiring Emergency Medical Technician and Search and Rescue Responder / Instructor Joel McKay has participated in countless missions and training exercises all of which require Personal Leadership, Effective Communication, and Taking Action. Sometimes peoples lives depend on it.

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