Dec 14, 2012

Unique Retirement Gifts

When someone retires, it means that they have decided to finish working and perhaps "take it easy." They've put their lives for many, many years, into a profession or business that was once their choice, and now it is time to relax and enjoy their senior adulthood as they see fit and according to their lifestyle. Retiring is something that is a very important milestone in many people's lives, and so it is always a good idea to think of unique retirement gifts to give - which will be interesting, awe-inspiriting, and always remembered and cherished by the retiree to whom your planning on giving such a gift.

There are a couple of ways that you can celebrate someone's retirement with unique and unusual retirement gifts. The first way is to celebrate the work that they have done and the life that they have led up until that point. This is a great gift to give if you work with the person as a co-worker, boss, business associate or someone who you come in contact daily at your place of business...and especially if you have known them for most of their working life. You might give them a picture in a nice frame (perhaps from all "the gang at the office" if it is a business associate or something that is personalized with their name and the name of the company. Nice pen sets, paperweights, and other types of office mementos, customized with their name, are all great and unique retirement gifts. Celebrating their work life, their career, is one of the ways to celebrate and honor their retirement.

The second way that you might choose to celebrate their retirement is with great unique retirement gifts that go in the other direction - away from the work life that they have had. There are many great gifts if you haven't known the person for very long within their work environment, or if you simply want to celebrate the fact that they are done with work for good. Some great ideas when it comes to non-work related unique retirement gifts include things that they can use now that they aren't spending each day at work - like golf clubs or equipment, or travel cases or passport holders that they can use to travel with. Keep in mind that taking something like a nice travel case, and having it customized and personalized with their name or initials is a great way to create a wonderful gift for their retirement from something that might have been just an ordinary gift. You also might want to give them gifts like packages of seeds to start a garden with, or gardening or grilling supplies if they like to have a garden or grill out. All of these are great and unique gifts that you can give someone as they travel down that road to retirement.

If you'd like to make a continuing impact on the retiree with a special type of retirement gift, consider a gift from one of the Gift of the Month Clubs. There you'll be able to select a present that will be received over and over again...once a month for 3, 6, 9 or even 12 months. Consider the retiree and what he likes first; does he or she perhaps like beer or wine. There is a club for that sends micro-brewery beers monthly or domestic or imported wines as well. There are clubs for flowers, chocolate, desserts, dinners, and on and on. If you can think of it, there's a Gift of the Month Club for it.

Some excellent sites to look for unique retirement gifts are at, and

Scott Moger is an Internet entrepreneur and author who has been published internationally. He's CEO of and is publishing a book on Internet marketing which will include chapters about how to market unique gifts and unusual gifts for retirement. He'll also be featuring a novelty gift site which offers free land in the USA to all visitors. Earlier Mr. Moger held top management positions at Columbia Pictures, ABC TV, and 20th Century Fox TV and has represented Miramax Films and Warner Brothers TV.

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