Dec 23, 2012

Unique Party Invitations

You've got a really great party organized and you want to let people know about it but you're tired of all those boring old invitations. You want something unique, something that shows your creativity and gets people truly enthusiastic about the party. So let's show you how you can create truly unique party invitations (and it won't cost you a cent!)

Free Party Invitations that are Truly Unique

Forget searching through dozens of pre-made invitations and paying a fortune for them - not only will you pay too much but you will also never really find unique party invitations when they are mass-produced. Instead get online and create unique party invitations from your own imagination - they don't cost a cent and you know that no one has the same invitations as you.

Creating these unique party invitations has also never been easier - you don't need any special technical knowledge or artistic abilities. Instead you simply use over 60 multimedia applications that are so easy even a child could use them to create that perfect invitation.

Use photos, videos, audio clips, and music to match your party theme. Add a countdown timer, map, task list, budget, or anything else you like. Just don't forget to add the date, time and venue!

Create Interactive Party Invitations

Another reason why Web 2.0 party invitations are so unique is because they are interactive and encourage interaction between your guests before the party starts.

When guests come to the page and reply as to whether they are coming or not, they will also be able to see who else is coming, not coming or still deciding and start chatting with them through your web page. Then when they get together at the party the conversation will already be rolling and your party will be a sure success.

You can also encourage interaction online by using a comment wall for people to leave messages, use a poll to get debates going and use other tools that encourage people to get involved.

After the party go back and add photos, videos and notes of what took place at the party so that those who didn't make it are still able to take part and it will be a great reminder for those who did come. So go for it and have a great party!

Tamara Ford is the wife of an Internet Entrepreneur who specializes in Event Launch Marketing applying social media and internet marketing strategies. "I initially started writing to help my husband and have since become hooked". If you enjoyed this article, you may be interested in reading another article I wrote about Birthday Party Themes. Looking for Free Party Invitations? visit Events Listed website to learn more about our fantastic (FREE) event pulishing tools & resources.

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