Dec 27, 2012

Unique Hoodia Review

So whats so unique about Unique Hoodia, what differentiates this product apart from the dozens if not hundreds of other hoodia diet pills currently in existence.

The million dollar question is what is going to make "UniqueHoodia" the No. 1 hoodia branded diet product on the market.

Well, unlike a huge majority of other products available, UniqueHoodia comes directly from the South African farmers. The farms where the Hoodia Gordonii plant is grown have all met the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) Organic requirements for certification. Lativio (the company responsible) has cut out the middleman, ensuring that you get 100% Hoodia Gordonii that has not been tampered with or diluted.

The Hoodia used in production is fresh and has not been in stored for months but brought directly from the farms in which their Hoodia is grown all are certified and the Hoodia they produce tested frequently.

Finally, UniqueHoodia is treated with steam and not irradiation. Steaming can be a more expensive process and that is why it is not commonly used by other hoodia brands. There are also many who question if the irradiation process does not diminish the benefits of hoodia Both are approved practices. However the FDA are currently investigating whether to continue to allow irradiation.

What Are The Positives of UniqueHoodia

The Hoodia used is pure raw powder and not the cheaper extract

The quantity contained per capsule is 460mg and not an over exaggerated 600mg, 750mg or unbelievable 1000mg

There is a 6 month guarantee in place

The documentation stands up to scrutiny - The CITES Certificate, Certificate of Analysis and Organics Annex is authentic.

Them process is carried out in CGMP approved facilities

Order processing and shipping is handled in house direct - there is no third party.

Why Buy Unique Hoodia

As touched upon above, UniqueHoodia is direct from South Africa, 100% pure and processed using the highest quality control methods.  Every Unique Hoodia capsule contain 460mg of the purest Hoodia Gordonii which is 60mg more than their competition giving additional p57 in every capsule.

Users can expect results with UniqueHoodia or easily get their money back by taking advantage of the full 6 month money back guarantee.

Does Unique Hoodia Cause Side Effects

Pure form Hoodia does not cause side effects or pose any risk to health. Pregnant mothers are advised to consult with a GP before using any diet aid.

Will Unique Hoodia Work For Me

Appetite suppressants are quite possibly the best method for weight control and weight management. Appetite suppressants can supply the will power so often lacking by dieters.

Unique Hoodia [] is a best of breed Hoodia product that will give you the best possible chance of achieving you weight loss ambitions.

Tony Jay writes for [] a Hoodia Gordonii diet resource website reviewing popular Hoodia and associated diet products.

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