Dec 25, 2012

Unique Golf Gifts - How to Choose a Unique Gift For Your Golf Present

Unique golf gifts are in high demand today, as many people play golf, and therefore golf gifts are always a hot commodity come Christmas and other holidays.

However, how can you get them something that will stand apart from all the other balls and tees they are used to getting? Fortunately, there are many unique things you can do to make your gift stand out.

One example of a unique golf gift would be an electronic score keeper that will eliminate the need to carry around a scorecard and pencil, which can get to be annoying. Instead of marking down their score after every hole, they just swipe out the electronic device, input the score, and stuff it back into their bag.

Also, anything signed by a PGA tour player (preferably their favorite player) is always a smart idea as well, although this can often times be quite expensive. Getting custom golf balls is another idea.

There are many companies that will put as specific design on standard golf ball, so even if you do want to get them balls, you can still make them stand out. Keep in mind that most companies will not be able to put any more than fifteen to seventeen characters on a ball, so no lengthy quotes here.

A team logo is a perfect thing to put on, or their initials or something else they will enjoy. There are many companies online you can find to do this, but keep in mind that it will probably take between fourteen and twenty one days for the balls to arrive after ordering, and possibly longer during the holidays, so plan accordingly.

In addition, a golf highlights DVD is something that most people will not think to give, but can be a nice unique golf gift. Golf PC games are something that any golfer would enjoy in their downtime. Let's face it-playing a round of golf can take a lot of time, sometimes as long as four to five hours.

On many days, there just isn't time to do this, and this is when playing golf games really comes in handy, because instead of hitting the links, they just get on the computer and can enjoy round right from the comfort of home.

Finally, the ultimate unique golf gift to get (albeit an expensive one) is their own customized golf cart, either for tooling around the house, or if they are a member at a specific course, to have a cart all to themselves.

This way, they can customize it to their living, whether they want to put in a radio, chrome trim, etc. hopefully these unique golf gifts ideas will get the juices flowing on what to buy for them on their trip.

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