Dec 17, 2012

Tips for Buying Unique Dog Collars That Match Your Pet's Personality

Buying unique dog collars is a great way to show off your pet's personality. When you stray from the ordinary, you can paint a picture for everyone to see through the accessories you choose for your pet. The unique collar you choose for your dog will be a part of her style. It will give the people you meet an idea of what type of personality she has. Here are a few tips that can help you choose the best collar for your dog.

Color and Patterns

Before you begin shopping for your pet's new collar, take some time to think about your special pet. In the past, people would normally buy blue for a male and red or pink for female dogs. With so many fresh, new options available today, you can break away from the traditional gender roles and pick something multicolor and fun for your pooch. Instead of solid neutral colors, look for bright patterns and designs that really set your pet apart from the rest when shopping for unique dog collars.

Individual Characteristics and Breed

Consider your dog's individual characteristics and personal traits when buying unique dog collars. Look for colors that match his moods and habits instead of gender. For example, is he playful and active? Then look for colors that look fun and festive. If you have a big lovable puppy that only wants to give you kisses, choose a collar with hearts on it to show how loveable he is.

Is your pet by your side every time you watch your favorite team play a game on TV? Do you take her with you every chance you get to a game? If so, a collar with your team's logo on it would be an excellent choice. She will be in style and helping you support your team at the same time.

The dog's breed will also play a major role in what to buy when it comes to safety. Small dogs like Pomeranians will need a small delicate collar while a large breed like the Husky would need a large, thick one with a strong buckle. A large thick collar on a small dog would be uncomfortable and too heavy for your pet to move around. On the same note, putting a small dainty collar on a big, tough dog would be pointless because it would eventually break.

Safety and Comfort Issues

Don't get so wrapped up in finding something unique for your pet that you forget about safety and comfort. Make sure the collar fits properly and choose a comfortable material. You don't want the fabric cutting into your pet's skin or rubbing his hair off from the friction when the collar moves.

The two-finger rule is a good one to follow. If you can put two of your fingers between your pet and the collar snugly but not tight, it should be fine. Choosing unique dog collars for your pet is exciting and fun and they help express her personality in a fun and unique way.

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