Dec 7, 2012

Move Away From Mass Produced Mediocrity And Be Unique

We have all been shopping to those big out of town shopping complexes which is usually home to the huge toy retailer, the giant clothes retailer, the do it yourself chain and the enormous Scandinavian furniture retailer. These retail outlets all serve a purpose in our society to provide us with a one stop shopping experience, as long as we want what they stock. These retailers have driven prices to the consumer down but generally the quality has suffered, the other negative factor of these retailers is the fact that everything is mass produced and sold in bulk.

At some time or another we have all been into the house of a friend or acquaintance and spotted exactly the same piece of furniture that we ourselves have got in our homes. This itself is not a problem until your friends or acquaintances come down the stairs wearing exactly the same clothes as you, purchased from the enormous clothes retailer on the same huge retail park that you begin to see the problem.

The life we lead and the products within lives no longer have individuality, we are slowly becoming walking and living advertisements for the giant retailers of the planet. And of course as we spend all our money in mass produced Wonderland Park the smaller more individual retailers are finding it harder and harder to survive. So what can we do about it?

We all need to start thinking and shopping on an individual level and not be lead like sheep through the doors of the giant retailers. There are so many smaller design houses producing totally unique garment of clothing that would fit into anyone's life without making them look like some kind of experimental fashion model. Many fashion colleges or university departments have students who are required to produce garments of clothing that are designed to be worn in everyday life situations. These students are desperate for people to model and wear their work for them; it is just a case of contacting the university department to see how you go about it. Doing this will give you a totally unique arm to your wardrobe for a very reasonable price as well as giving a budding fashion designer a chance to have their work shown off to the public.

You can also use the same method to purchase furniture for your home. Many colleges and universities run courses and workshops for aspiring furniture designers as well as courses for craftsmen to develop their skills. Part of the course work for these students will be to design and make a piece of furniture. If you can find one of these students through the university why not ask them to design and make a piece specifically to your plans. This gives the student a unique opportunity to not only design and manufacture a piece of furniture but also guarantee a buyer for it at the end of the job. You can get a fully skilled craftsman to make a piece of unique furniture for you but as these are generally time served and fully qualified you will have to pay a premium for their work. Either way you should end up with a piece of furniture that will stand out from the crowd and be the envy of your friends and family. Unique home furnishings [] are always a great source of conversation.

So say goodbye retail parks and mass produced mediocrity and say hello to the wonderfully unique world of individualism.

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Harwood E Woodpecker

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