Dec 7, 2012

Mother's Day 2007 - Unique Gifts for Mom

You mark it dutifully on your calendar weeks in advance - Sunday, May 13. But the date creeps closer, and closer still, until you find yourself once again going through the annual ritual of scrambling to find mom a unique Mother's Day gift at the last minute.

Thankfully for harried husbands, sons and daughters everywhere, there are now several online gift sites that let gift-givers dump the chocolate and flowers and choose between a wide range of unique gift experiences for any budget. Whether mom is into adventure, cuisine or just relaxing, it isn't too late to find a unique online gift that will leave a lasting and memorable impression on mom for years to come.

To help navigate gift-givers through the final week leading up to Mother's Day, here is a list of ten gifts you will definitely want to avoid giving mom, as well as alternative unique Mother's Day gift suggestions you can find online - even at the last minute.

10. DVD box set of Angela Lansbury's Murder She Wrote

Let the sleuth in mom solve her own mystery on a murder mystery weekend where secrets, suspects and mysterious motives emerge.

9. Early Bird Dinner at the Local Buffet

Mom would prefer becoming a bird's-eye witness and embarking on a rapture capture photo shoot, photographing birds of prey up close and personal.

8. A floral bouquet that suspiciously matches a missing clump of flowers from your neighbors' yard

Your mom's (not to mention your neighbors) appreciation will blossom with a unique flower arranging party for her and seven guests to explore the art of floral design with a local design expert.

7. Botox Party

Skip the needles but keep the party with an in-home wine tasting selected and served by an expert sommelier for her and a bunch of her friends.

6. An entry form for TLC's What Not To Wear

Mom might prefer trying on new clothes without being watched by millions of viewers. Instead, give her a private shopping tour with her very own personal fashion stylist.

5. Re-gifted potholders from Aunt Edna

While mom may commend your commitment to recycling, she'll get more of an eco-friendly kick out of a flat water kayak tour where she can enjoy earth's natural beauty.

4. Elastic waistband pants

Let mom expand in a whole new way with an introduction to glass blowing where she'll fire up the furnace and experiment with molten glass.

3. A copy of The South Beach Diet

Trust me on this one: Mom will prefer a view of the beach from on top of a surfboard as she receives a private introduction to the fun, exciting and spiritual world of surfing.

2. ThighMaster

Instead of mastering her thighs, mom may prefer to try her hand at a cocktail master class for two. Whether it's mojitos or martinis, margaritas or a Mai Tai, she'll forget about her thighs while mixing hip cocktails with the flair and finesse of a pro.

1. Nothing at all

Even a minimal effort will put a smile on her face. Send a hand written note, take a walk in the park, or promise to mow her lawn. With this budget, you are going to have to provide your own experience -- but she will love it!

By tapping into the convenience and breadth of unique gift options at experience gift sites such as Excitations, gift-givers can ensure that May 13th is a day mom will not soon forget.

Kim AuBuchon is the chief operating officer at Excitations, the premiere experiential gift company. Whether it?s a stint behind the wheel of a NASCAR, kayaking or a scenic bike tour, gift buyers will have far more exhilarating possibilities than the usual standby gifts to choose from allowing them to give memorable, unique experiences as presents to their friends, family and business associates.

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