Dec 20, 2012

Making Money Online: Unique Selling Preposition (USP) - Your Only Way To Beats Your Competitor

If your website is not making money online because you are not selling, you need to create a blueprint for writing a killer sales letter.

As an internet marketer, you know that your web sales letter if properly written will help to generate traffic to your opt-in list and consequently--a sale and profits for your website.

But how do you compel your prospect read and take action as what you wanted them to do?

How to do you make your prospect to opt-in or to buy from you specifically during or after they have read your presentation of your marketing message?

Besides featuring the benefits of your product or service, one of the fundamental skills of writing your sales letter is how you can pull your prospects' interest via your unique selling proposition (USP).

For example,

"Unlike most other weight-gain products, Weight Gain Buster helps you gain up to 1 pound of pure muscle per week-without any tiring exercise in the gym that may make you lose weight instead..."

"Buy from Gain Weight and gain 1 pound in one week..."

The choice here is obvious as Weight Gain Buster have conveyed the idea that no other product or service compares with theirs and have a strong competitive edge over Gain Weight.

"Earth's Biggest Bookstore"... proclaims

There are thousands of online bookstores but who is stopping you to buy from ? Its slogan and domain name clearly conveyed the message that they are the most dominant in the market. has no competitors.

All things being equal in the market place, you have to make a unique presentation in front of your prospect that you are the one that can solve their problem.

Your sales letter's presentation should be different. In other words, your offer is unique and is perceived more valuable than your competitors.

It is imperative that you should project your product and service as being unique from all your competitors especially if your product or service is homogeneous in nature. Everyone is selling the same product, whereas they come in different branding. So it is very important that your brand stands out among the crowd and get notice.

Not only your uniqueness gives your prospect a specific and strong compelling reason to opt-in and buy from you instead of your competitors, it create awareness of your branding online.

With the awareness of your online brand and marketing campaigns making unique propositions to your prospects, you would have convinced them to switch to you.

Ultimately, in order to make your website starts selling and making profits for you, give your prospects your unique selling proposition that they cannot resists. This is your only way to beats your competitor.

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