Dec 10, 2012

How to Create a Unique Outfit

It can be hard to stand out in a crowd of people, especially when everyone is buying the exact same thing as you. Learning how to find unique pieces to complement your style is essential.

1- Search in unique places. Thrift shops and bargain stores may not seem like they have the best quality, but it is often these places where you can find designer things that are barely used. You can pick up a pair of vintage pants or a quirky shirt for under 10 bucks, and guarantee that nobody else will have the same thing.

2- Shop online, but outside your comfort zone. Always make sure that the site you want to shop on is reputable, and read customer reviews. Once satisfied, pick a site that offers brands you may not have heard of, or jewelry and accessories from another country. Often you can find one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry on sites that are managed by a person in a completely different state than you.

3- Scavenge around garage sales, if you feel that the stuff is in okay quality. Ask about the quality of items from the former owner, and see if there are any barely used clothes you might want. You can find things that nobody else will have sometimes.

4- Learn how to sew. This can be key to changing up a dull and typical outfit. If you have a dress and fabric, you can cut a certain length off and sew a different fabric to the hem to give it a different flavor. Often restitching and changing the shape of clothes can make them unique.

5- Pick up things when you travel. This step is key, because nobody back home will have it. Find local stores that locals love and search for things that represent that area's style. If you travel abroad, stock up on cute items that you can't get back home. Don't travel half way across the world and shop at stores you can find locally. Explore what's in the area.

6- Buy classic pieces and mix them in with newer, funkier items. This brings a unique quality that most people don't have. A lot of people buy whatever they find in the stores and don't bother looking back at what they already had. You can mix a timeless item with something you just bought to avoid looking too mainstream.

7- Try going to local bazaars and events. These often have tiny merchants that make their own bags or clothes, and you can even bargain. There usually aren't too many people there that end up buying the same thing, and you are bound to find a good steel on a top-quality item.

The key to having a unique style and standing out is to not be afraid to step out of a comfort zone. Too many people are happy running into the popular store and coming out with 10 t-shirts and tops that everyone else already has. It is perfectly acceptable to buy mainstream items as long as those don't compose your whole outfit. Even some special earrings or a vintage coat can make an outfit different from those around it.

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