Dec 4, 2012

How Do You Use Unique Niche Marketing Packages

Unique niche marketing packages include everything you need to build a highly-targeted contact list online. These packages come with the capture pages to collect the addresses, but the packages will also come with free high-value giveaways to entice visitors to part with their contact information. Some niche packages come with well-researched e-books and e-reports to give away and some have webinar invites and video tutorial series. But regardless of what the niche marketing package comes with, the most important aspect of it all is that someone else did all the work. The only thing you need to do is publish the entire package and start earning money. That's done in just a few short steps. Follow along and you'll soon be a pro at leveraging these niche marketing packages for huge profits like the experts are doing as we speak.

Buy a Domain

The best unique niche marketing packages come with a list of researched keywords. If your outsourcing team did its homework, these keywords will be the most searched for in your niche, but with very little competition. This enables you to easily dominate your niche with the package contents. So, use one of those keywords, the most relevant and highly searched for, and use that as your squeeze page home address.

Load the Free Offer

When you've transferred the squeeze page files over and the site is live, don't forget to load your free offer to be downloaded. The Thank You Page that comes with the package will come with the link ready to go, and the free gift will be well designed and ready for distribution. Just make sure you hide it within a file or two to keep hackers from stealing your file without opting-in.

The package should come with instructions on how to transfer the files to your host's server using an FTP service. Once you're live, you'll want to sign up for an automated email service like Aweber or GetResponse so that you can start collecting an email list right away.

Automated Email

Platforms like Aweber and GetResponse make it easy to build and manage an email list. But the service will also let you send out automated emails to those subscribers to go out at pre-specified times. When you sign up with the service, get the opt-in box code and put it on your squeeze page so that your subscribers will start collecting in a database that's easy to manage.

Once your opt-in box is ready to go, plug in the autoresponder emails and set them to go out at the times you want.

Building Trust and Authority

When you hire an outsourcing team to create a unique niche marketing package, you are basically hiring them to become the authorities in your niche. By accepting the job, they agree to study as much as they can, and they must be up-to-date with all the latest breakthroughs, terminology, etc. This is not easy to do, but the right team will achieve the results you're looking for. The writing will be top-notch and on-point. Readers and visitors to your website and even your subscriber list, will become impressed with your knowledge on the subject and they'll begin to look forward to your every communication.

This is why your autoresponder series must be treated very carefully. The first few emails need to build trust, and the right team will make sure the messages do exactly that. The trick to provide value early on without asking for anything. A multi-part tutorial series works great for this.

So the first five or so emails should just be an offer and the rest should be a mix of how-tos, news and updates and affiliate offers.

Leveraging Your List

Once your site goes live and all your autoresponders are plugged in, your unique niche marketing package will effectively go into auto-pilot. This enables you to promote it so that you can drive as much traffic to the squeeze page as possible. The more targeted traffic you earn, the more subscribers you'll earn and the more you'll be able to leverage from that list.

And when we speak about leveraging a list, we're of course talking about creating an income stream from that list that never stops. Once your list begins to trust you and your subscribers see you as an authority figure in your niche, they'll look forward to your advice. They'll always be interested in what you have to say because you've been so helpful so far.

So, you need to make sure you work a fine balance between helping and selling so as to keep your list as happy as possible. A happy list is a lucrative list, after all.

Promoting The Unique Niche Marketing Package

Once your package is online and everything's working, you now need to drive traffic to your squeeze page and free offer. This is best done through article marketing, press release marketing and video marketing.

The unique niche marketing package should come with quality articles, press releases and even videos that you can then publish on article and press release directories and video sharing sites. If the materials are of quality and they're considered useful to your target audience, you'll see a flood of interested traffic in a very short period of time.

The unique niche marketing package should come with links ready to be plugged in. That means your articles should have markers like [Insert Affiliate Code Here], to make it truly plug 'n play.

That's all there is to using unique niche marketing packages. You have the squeeze page and the free offer, the content, graphics and research that's required to dominate your field, and you even get promotional materials to advertise the package once it's live. But with the included autoresponder emails, you'll be able to plug in your affiliate offers and start making money right away.

With a unique niche marketing package, all the work is done for you. You simply need to purchase, publish and profit. It's a wonder why everyone isn't doing this. It's a very small investment that can add up to enormous income streams if used correctly. And, since the packages come with all the information you need to maximize the packages in order to really make an impact on your niche, you really don't have to do much to make lots of money in a short period of time.

Now you see the beauty in using unique niche marketing packages in your business. Go to The Fortune-Niche Ones ( if you really want to learn how to make money online with a niche package of your own.

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