Dec 8, 2012

Guests See the Unexpected With Unique Wedding Favors

Wedding favors given as "Thank you" gifts to the guests who attend a wedding ceremony and reception in gratitude for coming and adding to the perfection of the big day have become a traditional item purchase when planning a wedding. These gifts are not generally considered a requirement according to proper wedding etiquette, but they have been given out be so many couples through the years that they are something that people expect to see and receive when they attend a reception. Even though wedding favors are expected, the couple has the option of throwing everyone a curve in the form of unique wedding favors.

Unique wedding favors are not the normal run of items seen at practically every wedding in the western world. Some useful and practical, some completely whimsical, unique wedding favors are items that are decorated so that they are appropriate in any wedding theme and placed at the guest's places at table for the guests to have as keepsakes to help them remember the happiness and fun shared with the bride and groom on this wonderful day.

Examples of unique wedding favors include items like a vegetable peeler in a pretty box with the words "a peel to my heart", or a pizza slicer with heart decorations and the word "LOVE" spelled out on the blade. Some are not as practical, but just as meaningful, a coffee scented candle in a glass and chrome coffee cup shaped candle holder, or place card holders shaped like a bunch of glass grapes. There are almost a whole world of other items that would be considered unique wedding favors because they are not the normal run of items seen all the time at marriage reception a person attends.

A lot of couples find shopping for unique wedding favors to be a fun break from dealing with the more complicated and serious issues of planning a wedding and ensuring the bride's happiness. Many find shopping for these items at online stores to be far more rewarding than limiting themselves to the available inventory at the local bridal store. This is because online stores are not bound by the same space limitations as local stores. They also face a lot more competition in our global economy, forcing them to keep prices down to a more reasonable level than most local stores.

Wedding favors have become a traditional way to thank guests for coming in today's world. People have come to expect to see certain types of items at every wedding they may attend. A lot of couples, today, are finding ways to surprise their guests with items that are not the same old same old. Unique wedding favors make great surprise gifts that still meet the tradition of giving out wedding favors to the guests as "Thank you" gifts.

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