Dec 6, 2012

Favors For a Wedding Party and Unique Favors For Weddings

One of the duties of the bride is to make sure that her guests receive favors for a wedding party. Engraved gifts will naturally cost more and if they are used and might only be for close family members, as this would be most appropriate. This all depends on the amount of money the bride has to spend. It is perfectly acceptable to give the other guests a nice remembrance in the form of a favor for a wedding party that is not quite so unique. She might have special favors for her wedding party's children but this is not necessary expected.

If the bride wants to add a personal touch, she can make some really unique favors for the wedding or for the special people in her life with or without the help of other people, as not everyone has to receive the same favor. For the close relatives she should make sure there is no favoritism shown to her side when she chooses favors for her wedding party. Whatever she chooses for her mother or grandparents etc, she should also choose for her new husband's mother and grandmother. These are the people that want a lasting memento. For the other guests just a nice sign of appreciation for coming and the gift they will give is really all that is necessary.

The most unique favors for a wedding party would be custom made such as a CD of the music played in the church if it was a church wedding and if she had a vocalist and selections from the band, it is up to her to make the choices. Throwaway cameras are a nice choice as the guests can take their own unique photos. These favors do not have to be very expensive unless it is for a close family member and she wants to splurge. What the guests want is just a nice remembrance or thoughtfulness on the part of the bride, if it is something unique all the better.

For a theme and colors, a holiday might be considered if it applies or even the seasons can be used to some extent as it is now accepted for the bridal party to wear stronger colors instead of just pastels. Match the wedding colors to the wrappings or little cardboard boxes for favors for unique favors for weddings so everything blends well together.

Every person that is a guest does not necessary have to have a wedding favor, favors for a wedding party can be given to couples, depending on what you are giving. If it's a few pieces of candy in a little cardboard box then a gift should be given to everyone. If there are young children involved special packages might be made up for those with a little game or puzzle to keep them occupied, nothing that they can make a noise with that will annoy everyone. This is the bride's day and nothing should distract from it. Children could be given a little package with a few pieces of hard candy in it. They will probably get chocolate all over if they are very young, as usual a little thought in advance saves a lot of problems from developing and possibility even hard feelings.

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