Dec 19, 2012

Distinctive and Unique Wedding Favours

Giving wedding favours is now considered to be one of the wedding traditions. Lots of couples like to have distinctive favours to be remembered by and for their wedding guests to keep. The difficulty with wanting a distinctive and unique wedding favour is that there are a lot of brides and grooms who wish to have distinctive and unique wedding favours, making the search for a unique wedding favour more and more difficult as more and more couples try to think of things which have not been done before.

Food Items

Items such as sweets (candy), cakes, cookies and other bakery items have been used as wedding favours, so if these are used then they might not be as unique as the couple may like. Although sweets (candy) are ideal for party favours, there are also other food items which can be used as favours to give you that distinctive edge. Such items as nuts or fruit can be used as a wedding favour making both unique and low cost alternatives. With a little though and imagination an apple surrounded with a ribbon and bow can be both delightful and beautiful.

Other things that can be used to create a distinctive wedding favour are small bottles of the couple's favourite choice wine or packets of tea or coffee. These can be placed in a basket and could enhance the table decorations. Small packets are ideal since the larger items can be awkward for guests to carry home.

Plants and Animals

Using plants and animals may be very unique, but they are not that practical since the guests need to be able to care for the plant or animal both during and after the wedding. Plants are essentially low cost compared to live animals and easier for the guests to take care of. Herbs in small, pretty pots are as touching as they are unique as favours. The pots can complement colours of the wedding decorations either by being coloured to match the theme or by decorating them with ribbons.

Animals are certainly more complicated but unquestionably more in keeping with the search for an exceptional wedding favour. However, it is also not advisable to use live animals of any kind when you are planning to have young children present. Large animals are out of the question since not all guests will have the ability to care for them, which leaves small animals such as fish, birds, and butterflies. You can place these in boxes, bowls, small cages etc. However, it is always advisable to let people know what is in the box as some people have phobias. You also need to have a plan for the care of those favours that are not taken and looked after by your guests.

Semi-precious and Birth Stones and Jewellery

Birth Stones or semi-precious stones can also be a wonderful wedding favour. You can either have both the bride and groom's birth stones in small velvet pouches or if you know the dates of birth of the guest you can even use the guest's individual birth stones as personalised favours.

Clearly there can be scope for that special and unique favour that will add a touch of distinction and class to your wedding. Jewellery can be truly unique, but it does not have to be as expensive as it sounds. Silver or even a stainless steel cufflinks for men and silver bracelets for women can be a wonderful gift for your guests. These can even be engraved with the date or the initials of the bride and groom. Although gold Jewellery can also be used, the cost is far more prohibitive.

From the cheapest wedding favour to the most expensive, it is still possible to have something that says 'this wedding is special.'

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