Dec 18, 2012

Add to Your Christmas With Unique Ornaments

Skip the long lines and piles of generic plastic Christmas ornaments this year at your local store and think about how you make your holidays a little more unique this year. Keep those heirlooms of Christmas past of course, but what a great tradition to start with your family- creating new and interesting ornaments to create memories for years to come.

Mass produced store ornaments hold their fun, their whimsy and often picture or feature items that you couldn't draw, paint or sculpt yourself. And of course, buying in bulk can save you hard earned cash at a time of year where cash is scarce. Don't run off and dump your current ornament selection of course, start smaller and start looking around now. Start with adding unique Christmas ornaments made by individuals and artists to your tree.

These ornaments are often interesting, unusual and unique to your tastes and truly one of a kind. Even if the creator uses a pattern or material that they've replicated a few times, it's still going to be far more unique than the ornaments picked up a giant name brand stores. And since each piece is handmade it's sure to have certain irregularities that set it apart. Sometimes the artist even deliberately makes slight variations from one piece to another.

Handmade ornaments also have a person behind them, not a machine or corporation. Supporting small businesses around the holidays is something we all can do and often comes a better price since they have lower overhead and a greater quality since the artist is able to hand pick the materials and sometimes can even have the added bonus of personalization. Just because they don't have a blue one on table and it's only in display in pink, they're going to be far more able to create your desired ornament and get it to you before the holidays than the stores that run out of items manufactured overseas. Be sure to take a look at the greater variety that handmade ornaments have to offer as well.

Maybe you're not finding the kind of ornaments you're interested in or the color pattern you'd like to see on your tree. Try making the ornaments yourself. Start out with a kit or a few blanks and or a project sheet from your local craft store. Often they will have ideas around the materials on the shelf to not only inspire you, but get you to buy. And if you're already got enough craft supplies at home, go online and look around for one of many free craft ornament tutorials that are out there on the web.

All else fails, you can take some of the current store bought ornaments that you already have and re-purpose them by painting them a new color, adding glitter, removing extra items, adding charms or filling them with feathers or fabric.

Unique ornaments not only lend a great personality to your tree but are a great conversation piece for when friends and family come to visit. Children look forward to inheriting or decking out the tree when the pieces are unique and memorable, as will you. It also lends to teaching a little creativity when it comes to the placement of ornaments on the tree. Make your Christmas a little more special by starting a tradition of unique Christmas ornaments.

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