Nov 22, 2012

Want to Know the Difference Between a Visit and a Unique Visit?

When you start owning and operating websites there are various terms that you will come across that may seem a little confusing. To know how good your website is doing once you get it up and running you will need to know the difference between Visits, and Unique Visits. In addition to that if you are interested in marketing and you began to sells space on your site to other companies they will almost always ask, "How many visits does your site get?" Many of them will want to also know how many of those visits are unique. You can easily look this information up in your back office but do you really know what you are telling them.

A visit is when a person comes to your site to take a look at it. For instance, you decide you want to come check out my website to see what it's like. When you do that you have visited my site and that is counted as a visit.

Then there are unique visits. Unique visits are when a person visits your website that has not visited it before. This time frame however is only measured on a 24 hour basis. For example, you have already visited my website and after about an hour you decide you want to look at the web hosting specials instead of just looking a coupon codes. So you come back to the site. The second visit is not unique the first visit is the only unique visit. Then you come back a third time over 24 hours later that visit will then be another unique visit.

There is another catch. All of this is normally dependent on the visitor's browser cookies or IP address. I can visit a site and clear my cookie and in 15 minutes visit the site again. That site will at that point think that visit is unique. So a person can continue to clear the cookies and look like a unique visit like some bulk visitors do. There are also flaws in the tracking of the IP address. Some companies that provide internet access are starting to change the IP address for their clients more often than they did in the past to protect them but it is making them appear as a unique visit. So as you see we can do our best to track but don't bet your life on it. But at least now you know the difference between what is being called a unique visit or not.

L. Tigue
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