Nov 16, 2012

Unique Gifts Featuring Your Photos

Gifts for children are easy, since most children do not want a unique gift. We know they will be happier with gifts that are widely advertised on TV or just like their friends have. Unique gifts are not important to children. Sometime in the years that follow, it seems that both giver and recipient develop the idea that a gift's uniqueness is important. To some, more important than to others.

Unique gifts using photographs are especially appealing. Photographs make the gifts one-of-a-kind, as well as personal. Few people have access to the same photos, and even if they do, the possibility of them matching photo to gift is slight. But does the use of a photo make the object a unique gift?

Let's say you have a great photo of your sister's children. You go to an online website that lets you upload that image and have it imprinted on a mug, mouse pad, tee-shirt, tote bag, or coaster. That is a unique gift, in that it is personal. It is not a unique gift without the photo, however.

Unique gifts using photographs require either that the gift be unique, or that the addition of a photo be unique to that type of item. In other words, would it be surprising to see a personal photograph in that setting?

Ideas for Unique Gifts Using Photographs

You will find that simply reading a few ideas for unique gifts using photographs will spur your thinking on the subject. These 7 may get creative juices flowing.

1. Fish Lover: If the recipient loves diving, snorkeling reefs, or just watching fish in a tank, you can give a unique gift featuring your photo. Purchase a small wall aquarium. Enlarge one or more photographs of the recipient in the water, and mount behind the aquarium so they show through the glass. Or scan your photo and "PhotoShop" it into an underwater scene. You can do the same with a table aquarium. Add water and fish for unique gifts using photographs.

2. Office Worker: Male or female who spends most of everyday at a desk would appreciate a paperweight. Websites that offer engraved keepsakes will engrave your photo inside a crystal paperweight. Some will also add a brief message inside the paperweight. Or have your photo laser engraved in a crystal "iceberg" that sites atop a black stand. Some places will laser engrave on black marble, too. These are unique gifts using photographs.

3. Romantic: Photo trays can be purchased or homemade. They are basically deep picture frames with velveteen covered backgrounds and glass. Slip photos between the glass and the velveteen background, and use as a tray for cosmetics or serving tea. If you yourself craft these unique gifts using photographs, you may want to add cork to the bottom to protect tables. A refinished antique picture frame, carved with flowers, would be romantic.

4. Child: Room plates on their doors will tell everyone whose bedroom it is. When those room plates contain photos, people will see whose room it is. Room plates are just under 3" x 4" and come in two pieces. Crop your photos to fit, snap the pieces together and you have a unique gift for any child. Moms appreciate these, too

5. Traveler: You may not want a personal photo on a luggage tag or key ring, but a photo of a favorite pet or location would be appreciated and would help a traveler quickly identify his or her luggage. These also can be DIY, snapping an appropriately trimmed photo into the tag. A unique gift for a birthday, Christmas, or other occasion.

6. Photography Buff: Gift baskets are plentiful online, but they can become unique gifts using photographs. Find an online shop that offers customization of gift baskets - baskets your way - or try a DIY gift basket. Think of things a digital photographer would appreciate. Include a small photo album, photo paper for printing, photo ink cartridge(s), camera batteries, a camera memory card, and a digital picture frame. Fill the frame with a photo that is sure to please, and place it in the front of the basket for a unique gift.

7. Home Decor: Unique gifts using photographs can play a part in home decor, too. These personal creations can be ordered online using your photographs: pillows, quilts, afghans, handbags. You can even have photographs placed on small footballs, baseballs, or soccer balls and use them as home decor.

Helpful Tip

When creating unique gifts using photographs, choose the photographs carefully. A snapshot that is funny today might not seem as funny by the next birthday. A photo that shows the recipient in an embarrassing situation may not be appreciated. A unique gift is good. A unique gift that continues to be appreciated through the years is better.

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