Nov 22, 2012

Unique Fund Raising Idea That Literally Rocks

If you are ready to take your fund raising to the next level you will want to pay close attention to this very unique fund raising idea. Gone are the days of collecting pop cans and selling magazine subscriptions. It is time to move to a new height with a very unique fund raising idea. This article will put you on track to do just that.

The unique fund raising idea you are about to learn includes part craft, part creative, and part crazy. Now, I'm sure you will agree that anything that has those three elements is worth investigating.

The first element of this unique fund raising idea will involve rocks. Yes, you read that correctly. You will want to gather up several rocks that are the size of a coffee cup down to the size of a regular US quarter. Next the fun begins...

The next element of this unique fund raising idea will involve some wax, glue, and crayons. You can find these types of products at any craft store or many other stores. You might be able to find cheap crayons at a dollar store since they will be ruined after you are done assembling this project.

Now it is time to assemble your items for this fund raiser. You will need a pot that can be thrown away after you are done. You will then want to crush your crayons into colorful piles and throw away the paper that they were wrapped in as you only need to actual crayon material.

The next thing you will do is wash all the rocks and place one larger rock on a paper plate for how ever many items you plan on creating. Now you will want to glue the smashed crayons to the rocks to create some very unique colors and shapes. Then you can glue the smaller rocks to the paper plate around the larger rock.

Ok, now place some wax into the pot and melt it. You can find instructions for melting the wax by searching online or at the library so I won't go into detail with that here.

It is important to note that you should have all your rocks prepared with the crayons before you start the wax melting phase of this unique fund raising project.

Once the glue is melted you simply pour it over these rocks creating some of the most unique looking products you have ever seen. Now you have an item that is sure to sell like hotcakes. You could sell these rock creations individually to raise funds for your favorite charity or group. You could sell them online using an online auction service like eBay. You could take them around to businesses and have them display them in their stores. The key is to have fun and raise some money with a less traditional, but very unique fund raising idea.

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