Nov 25, 2012

Unique Christmas Gift Ideas - Your A-Z of Inspiration

'Tis the season to be jolly! Make your holiday season a relaxed one without worrying about what to buy everyone for Christmas, as here is an A-Z guide of unique Christmas gift ideas:

A - Aran Sweater. A handmade Aran Sweater from Ireland is an exquisite gift for grandparents.
B - Box. Make your mum a pretty jewellery box for Christmas, or one to store all her sewing threads and needles in.
C - CD. A unique CD for a child is a personalised storybook CD. Have their name included in nursery rhymes, stories and other songs.
D - Digital Keyring. Download photographs onto this unique digital keyring.
E - Espresso Hamper. For coffee lovers make your own espresso hamper. Include espresso cups, the beans, and some coffee cupcakes.
F - Family Tree. Make your relatives a Family Tree. Include pictures and memorabilia to make it truly unique.
G - Glasses Case. Everyone uses the original case their glasses came in but to be different, buy your mum or grandmother a unique glasses case.
H - Hipflask. Have a hipflask personalised with your recipients name or a message.
I - Ice Cream. Make your own Ice Cream with unusual flavours, or go a step further and give an Ice Cream Maker.
J - Jigsaw. To give a unique jigsaw, have one carved out of wood, featuring an aerial view of your town, a family photo jigsaw or anything you know your recipient likes.
K - Kite. For children buy a make your own kite kit.
L - Lazy Day Voucher. For your mum and dad, make them a voucher entitling them to a day off from looking after the children, doing the housework, cooking, gardening etc.
M - Magazine. Create your own magazine for your friend or relative.
N - Newspaper. Pick any date that it special and present a Newspaper of this day as a unique keepsake.
O - Outdoorsmen Set. This set includes binoculars, radio, flashlight, multi-tool and compass and would be an unusual gift to give.
P - Pocket Watch. Turn a pocket watch into a unique gift by having an inscription on the back.
Q - Quilt. A unique gift for Christmas is a photo quilt.
R - Rose. Not just any rose, but a gold rose. Have a real rose preserved and dipped in gold for someone special. Or if money is no object then buy an entire bouquet of gold dipped roses.
S - Star. Give your friend or family member a star. They can select one from different constellations then choose a name for it.
T - Tea growing kit. For tea lovers give them the tools to enable them to grow their own tea.
U - Umbrella. Not just any umbrella but the latest Nubrella. A truly unique umbrella that protects against all cold and wet weather conditions.
V - Vouchers. Create your own vouchers to give this Christmas. Suitable for anybody, simply offer your services throughout the year and make life a little easier or fun for the recipient.
W - Wallet. A unique wallet to give your Dad, husband or boyfriend is a digital photo iwallet. Instead of the old fading pictures they have in their wallet, they can have updated, changing photos of the family.
X - Y - Yuletide Log. Depending on the recipient, you can make a real log and decorate it with all Christmas decorations, or you can bake a chocolate Yuletide log.
Z - Zoo Pass. For those who love animals, give them a yearly pass to the Zoo.

Now you won't have to stress about what to give people this Christmas, as this list of unique Christmas gifts will have something for everyone.

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