Nov 22, 2012

Unique Baby Gifts

There are many categories of baby gifts, baskets, diaper bags, décor for the nursery and even interactive play mats. If you are seeking a one-of-a-kind gift for the newest baby in your circle of friends, it may be right in front of you and you just did not know it. Remember, what is unique to one, is mundane to another so it is important for you to draw upon your own creativity as well as do some investigating into what the parents would feel is really special. Following are the top seven categories of unique baby gifts within which we feel confident you will be able to find extraordinary things for Mom and baby which they will cherish always.

Baby Gift Baskets

Baskets that you either put together yourself or are customized for you are always a favorite because they mix the mundane with the magical. For truly unique baby gifts, choose a container that is either a basket that has multiple purposes, like a Moses basket, or something like baby baths overflowing with rubber duckies and every bathing product imaginable.

Designer Diaper Bags

These are a favorite because every Mom drools over the luscious leather and fabulously chic designs no matter how many they might have. It is a very clever idea to giver her diaper bags that are fully packed with everything a Mommy will need while out with baby because she can grab and go and be perfectly ready at any time. Some of the top lines like Storksak, Timi and Leslie, and Reese Li, already offer unique baby gifts with their original styling and adaptability. 

Mothers Jewelry

Mothers Jewelry is the prime category for unique baby gifts. The hottest trend in jewelry today is to personalize necklaces and bracelets, made from gold and silver, with the name of the newborn, or like Heidi Klum and other celebrities, engrave charms with the name of each family member. We have found that mothers jewelry that is hand crafted by the artisan are totally unique because no two necklace or bracelet is alike, especially when accented with birthstone crystals and gems.

Baby's First Golf Club

These unique baby gifts are a category entirely unto themselves. These are real golf clubs that even Donald Trump has bought for his little boy Barron. Custom made to length of baby and personalized with baby's name, date of birth, weight, and length, they are the most unusual and playful gifts. You can install them for display in the nursery, or teaching him how to swing as soon as he can stand.

Play Tents

Tents for the Knights of the Round Table, elegant Princesses of Marrakech or teepees with the themes of the Wild Wild West and Tea parties are phenomenal favorites that even the Celebrities provide for their children in each of their houses as Gwyneth Paltrow. The Teepees are especially convenient because they are so light that children can move them anywhere they choose.

Play Mats 

What, say you, could be unique about playmates? Ah! Check out Haba's interactive play mat that converts from an infant play box into a changing station or a flat playmate. Bright, decorative, and created to assist in stimulating baby's development, this is one of our favorites. 


Here again we find that for unique baby gifts, personalization adds a singular quality to canvas wall art and growth charts that can be coordinated with the furniture and rugs of the nursery room and kids play areas. Peel and Place wall stickers creations are engineered by your child and are excellent tools for development that also beautify. 

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