Nov 26, 2012

Unique Baby Gifts - Three Unusual Ideas to Choose From

Babies are fun to buy gifts for. If you are opting to present unique baby gifts, then you must be looking for unusual items now that are distinct and different from regular teddy bears and baby clothes. Below are three unusual ideas to choose from when it comes to unique gifts.

Unique Baby Gift Idea #1

Personalized gifts by nature are no doubt unique! Consider artworks with beautiful and creative designs that you can personalize with the baby's name or even photo. Have a look at those top quality artworks that use great canvas, which usually create unique touches. As much as possible, choose an artwork that doesn't have any glass so there's no chance for it to be broken. You may consider a beautiful one that is made of wood, which can be hung on the nursery's wall. Artworks make beautiful accents to the child's room, which the mom cannot have plenty for her baby's nursery. So, if you are interested of coming up with a unique choice of baby gift, why not consider a personalized artwork that sure to be a hit in the the nursery room?

Unique Baby Gift Idea #2

Create your own unique gift basket. Baby gift baskets seem to be very common, but to make yours unusual, make effort to put your own creativity and imagination onto the basket. When you create your own gift basket, think beyond traditional wicker basket. There are plenty that you can think of, like instead of using a traditional basket, you can have a laundry basket, a baby wagon, a nice bucket, or even a toy box that will serve as the container to hold all the baby gifts you want to put into. A unique gift basket can also be personalized by adding a personalized card or using personalized ribbons. But whether you will use the latter, by making the basket yourself is enough to make a unique baby gift basket for the newborn.

Unique Baby Gift Idea #3

If you prefer something sentimental for the newborn, one of the most common would be keepsake boxes. But since you also want something unique, no worries because sentimental and unique can blend well on a nice keepsake box. A keepsake box can be as creative as you like and something that you can make yourself.

To come up with a unique keepsake box for the child, purchase a nice-looking storage box in a size that is big enough to store newspaper flat. You can find lots of boxes at craft stores, mall or even at an antique store. After you already got one, you can then start decorating it with your personal touches. Make the box personalized by putting the name of the child on it or his/her monograms. You can decorate the box with cute baby stickers, cover the box with photographs of his/her family, or pain the box in a simple design.

Personalized baby nursery decor, homemade baby gift baskets, and personalized baby keepsake boxes are just a few unique gifts that anyone may consider giving during a baby shower, christening or baby's first birthday.

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