Nov 15, 2012

Unique and Funny Gifts - 5 Tips For Choosing Gifts That Will Impress

There is a very simple rule in gift-giving: give the person what they are asking for. Unfortunately, this rule only works when the person has already told you what they want in advance. And, of course, the gift has to be within your budget for this rule to work.

The second rule in gift-giving: if you don't already know what they want, the next-best thing is to knock their socks off with a unique and funny gift.

Unique gifts have the power to express the special nature of the relationship between giver and receiver. After all, if you can pull off giving a unique gift and it is well-received, it says a lot about the strength of your relationship.

Of course, in order to successfully give a unique gift, you really need to know the person well. Unique and funny gifts can be hit-or-miss if you are not careful.

Funny is Good, Unique is Great

If you are looking for funny and unique gifts for someone special in your life, you have a lot of choices. One important note: it is important to make the distinction between funny and unique.

Funny gifts are great. However, humor is so personal and subtle that one person's funny joke is another person's total miss. Hint: unless the two of you are the very best of friends, focus more on unique than on funny.

Unique Gifts Show Off Your Sense of Style

A well-chosen unique gift shows off the sense of style of both giver and recipient. Uniqueness is something we all seek. Everyone likes to feel special. Of course, you will want to choose a gift that is not only unique but also cool. In other words, don't just go for unique: go for something that is both unique and something they'll love using.

Unique and Funny Gifts - 5 Tips for Choosing Gifts that Impress

Here are 5 tips for choosing unique and funny gifts that will impress:

1. Make sure your version of unique matches theirs: Everybody has a different idea of what unique means. There can be a fine line between unique and off-color or lame. A good rule of thumb: the closer the friends the two of you are, the more "out there" you can get with the uniqueness of your gift.

2. Link the gift to something you have done together in the past: Gifts are great when they allude to an event or experience the two of you have had in the past. The experience could be something that happened over many years (such as attending the same school), or it could be something that happened at a given moment in time - such as a concert or special trip.

3. Connect the gift to something you will do together in the near future: Or, if the two of you plan to take a trip or to participate together in a special event in the near future, find them a funny and unique gift that connects to that experience.

4. Choose a unique gift that hints to something you both aspire to: Another idea is to find a gift that hints at something you want to do together but haven't yet, such as a trip across Europe, bungee jumping, or white water rafting.

5. Unique does not have to mean unheard of: A final word of advice: in your quest for a unique and funny gift, there is no need to go overboard in terms of finding something totally unique. The only criterion should be that the thing you choose isn't the typical, everyday gift.

Follow these 5 tips to find a unique and funny gift that is sure to impress him or her.

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