Nov 12, 2012

Power Of the Mind and Thinking to Change Your Life

The truth is that the mind tools to create a new life are highly available to all of us. We just need to learn how to organize ourselves, our thoughts and learn what thoughts are behind the life that we have already created.

POWER OF THE SUBCONSCIOUS We are the creators of our life and, if we have created the life we are in now through our thoughts, where are all these thoughts stored? They are stored deep into the subconscious mind. Because our awareness is limited to only a few superficial thoughts and events, we are not able to grasp the inner workings of what happens inside the depth of the mind. Those inner workings have been accumulating great power in time, until they have crystallized themselves into tangible matter. The life you are living now is the result of this process.

POSITIVE THOUGHTS The power of positive thinking must be applied methodically and with awareness and not to be left to the case or practiced sporadically. The Mind Power to create can be applied if we use the right methods, this is a real science, this is the science of the mind. Even though we are not sure of how this actually works, still it is true: it works! An electrician must not know how electricity is created, all the he needs to know is that by connecting the wire in a certain way the lights goes on. The science of the mind is vast, and the methods are many. But there are some simple and effective methods that can revolutionize your life.

Negativity is neutralized by specific methods that unites practical application and mystical-spiritual inner workings. Then a new pathway to a new beautiful life is created.

BRAIN MAPPING These methods rewire the brain functions and let the old wiring be re-adjusted to create a new -magnetic brain anatomy-. This is the brain that changes life, that changes your conditions, your reactions, your actions and response to life. At the same time it becomes a greater storehouse for better mind tools and positive thinking.

SPIRITUAL THOUGHTS: A MAP TO CREATING YOUR REALITY A spiritual thought is a thought that encompasses life on earth and higher spiritual principles. It is not just a vague state of mind or fluffy thinking. A spiritual life is lived on this planet. However, connection with true spiritual principles is necessary to make our thoughts really powerful and effective in creating a new reality.

SCIENCE OF MIND: THE PROCESS The most important concept to understand is this, even though the methods to apply it might need some learning: 1.Thoughts are Universally rooted in the ether: similar to the presence of air in the atmosphere; 2.Thoughts accumulate and create a more condensed and visible sunstance: similar to the appearance of vapor in the atmosphere; 3.Thoughts gather together even more creating a powerful force which creates movement: similar to the appearance of water; 4.Thoughts finally crystallize with power, becoming rock solid matter: similar to the manifestation of ice.

Your ability to create starts with the right method, and the right method is applied from the right understanding of the Power of Thinking and how it operates at all levels in the Universe. If you want to change your life, understand it, and create what you love, this is the subject you should study more than anything, and at the same time apply it in your spirit, as in your body and mind.

Learn the Most Powerful Method of Power Thinking to Make Your Life Your Own Creation:

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