Nov 25, 2012

Make Your Wedding A Unique And Personalized Wedding

Often a couple may only want a small wedding with just a few friends and family members. The idea being that this is a personal commitment between the bride and groom. Yet they wish to share this sacred moment with just an elite few people. Unique personalized weddings in many different religions and regions. The couple may not be of any one religious faith and select to have a judge or magistrate perform the ceremony. The couple maybe a devout Catholic, Christian, Protestant or of some other secular religion and still want a unique personalized wedding that has great meaning to them.

How to have a unique personalized wedding depends on where the bride and groom stand on format. The personalization can come from the preparation and extent of the wedding. A wedding held in a small chapel with the reception of coffee and cookies in the basement is more personal. The bride can still wear a formal gown and have a maid of honor and the groom wear a tuxedo with a groomsman by his side.

How to have a unique personalized wedding without too much expense depends on your family. A beautiful wedding in a park under a gazebo is less expensive and very personal. Afterwards a planned picnic for the guests with little to no cost for the bride and groom if the family contributes much of the foods and drinks. A small-personalized wedding can take place in the living room of ones own home with just a few family members and friends. Then the wedding party will go to a restaurant for a toast to the new bride and groom.

How to have a unique personalized wedding all depends on the creativity of the bride and groom. A large wedding can take place with a lot of pomp and ceremony. The banquet hall personalized with many memorabilia from both families and the foods can be of both family ethnic backgrounds. The bride and groom can use a horse and carriage to ride around town instead of the modern limo. All these things make the wedding unique and certainly more personalized.

The essence of having a unique personalized wedding comes from the heart of the couple. Each thing in this wedding can be a very special moment for the couple no matter how large or small the wedding maybe. The couple feels the special uniqueness and specialization in their heart that makes the wedding.

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