Nov 19, 2012

How Unique Can Unique Lamps Be?

The search for unique lamps can be a fascinating experience. Beginning with an idea or a concept of what we want to find we embark on our journey. It may be a snap, a case of a sudden discovery and revelation where the unique lamps we so dearly want suddenly materialize into our perception and existence. Just out of nowhere they pop up in front of us.

Or it can be a consistent, meticulous search where we know exactly what we are seeking, and with a scientific precision we eliminate all undesirable components, peeling off the all the unwanted of our desire until we finally discover the real" McCoy".

Loosely described, unique lamps can be any type of lamps that represent value to an individual in a unique way. To look for and find the unique lamps to fit various personalities or styles is a matter of knowing the difference. As the saying goes "one man's paradise is another man's hell".

So what are "Unique Lamps" and how unique can they be?

Lava lamps are one of the most popular kind of unique lamps. Lava lamps are tall table lamps that use the heat generated by the bulb and colored wax to create an effect similar to volcanic lava eruption. When they are switched on, these lamps generate enough heat to melt down the colored wax within the main frame of the lamp. When this occurs, the wax starts to "boil" and creates bubbles. In the sixties, these became hugely popular and have been ever since until recent times. These lamps are not lighting lamps in particular because their illuminating level is low. However, they are a great spectacle and an excellent decorative item.

The "Clapper" is another version of unique lamps. They came to prominence in the 1990's.Their unique functionally is in their ability to turn themselves on and off when clapping hands.

These lamps allow their users to operate them with a shockwave switch activated by the shockwaves generated with the clapping of hands.

An almost bizarre case of unique lamps was crafted in the shape of a woman's leg. Could this have been an orthopedic surgeon's attempt for self-expression? Who knows!

Ambient lamps are another form of unique lamps. Their main focus is on intimacy.

The source of the illumination is vague, or even hardly noticeable. However only the ambiance or the overall light energy that illuminates the space is perceived and appreciated. When these lamps are crafted with an appropriate shade and a smart selection of artistic depiction on the shade the intimacy effect is greatly enhanced.

A new brand of unique lamps that emerged just recently is a line of products known also as the "Broomese Lamps", named after "Broome", a town in the North-West of Australia where they originate.

These unique lamps are a rare hybrid of local design, local flora, the timber from the "jarrah" tree which is endemic to this region and the oriental influence which was imported by the Japanese pearl divers who settled in this town in the past and until today are still actively involved in the local pearling industry. One look at the lamps will reveal their oriental flavor.

Even more are they made unique by the following factors:

o Their design is based strictly on local resources that are endemic to this region.

o They can be obtained only from local source and are not available elsewhere.

o Every lamp is unique as they are crafted individually. No repetition or mass production is involved. This is the creation of a unique form of design art.

o They fall in the category of ambient lamps.

As you embark on your journey in search of your unique lamps, may the new knowledge that you just acquired from this article be your constant companion and may your search bear the results you so dearly desire.

Be well.

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