Nov 6, 2012

HIFU for Prostate Cancer Treatment inIndia - Is a Change Overdue

HIFU for Prostate Cancer Treatment inIndiacan be of three types, standard, focal or a salvage treatment. In standard HIFU treatment procedures, the entire prostate gland is ablated and is appropriate for patients whose full prostate gland is affected. These are non-surgical, non-radiation techniques that ensure around 99% continence. This procedure can be done several times and is usually a day case. In focal HIFU, only the tumor in the prostate is treated and the other important structures in the gland are avoided. The procedure takes up very short time and ensures 95% maintained potency. Salvage treatment involves treating a histologically confined, locally recurrent, organ-confined, non-metastatic prostate cancer.In this treatment, an acoustic wave is sent through the tissue. A part of it is absorbed and converted to heat. The tissue is damageddue to theelevated temperature and the duration of exposure or thermal dose. By focusing at more than one place or by scanning the focus, a volume can be thermally ablated.

So what are these beams made of? HIFU for Prostate Cancer Treatment in India makes use of ultrasound beams that when focused on a deceased tissue heats it up and raises its temperature from 65 to 85oC. This destroys the tissue by coagulation necrosis. Much higher temperatures are avoided as they made alter the other tissues' composition. Anesthesia is not recommended nor required and the treatment can be combined with radiotherapy or chemotherapy. It is a non-invasive process and hence also named as -Non-Invasive HIFU Surgery-. By the use of a trans-rectal probe, the heat developed by focusing ultrasound waves into the prostate is used to kill the tumor.

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