Nov 13, 2012

Getting an Oil Change for Performance and Functionality

Getting a regular oil change provides a host of benefits to the functionality and performance of your vehicle. First, getting the motor oil changed in your vehicle on a regular basis will remove the contaminants that get into your motor oil over time. Many of these contaminants are merely engine shavings, or debris that can plug up the oil pump screen and reduce its integrity. Old motor oil also breaks down, loses its viscosity, and results in your engine not providing you with maximum performance.

You may also experience a decrease in gas mileage with old motor oil. When you get an oil change for your vehicle, it infuses your engine with quality, clean motor oils that will provide you with increased lubrication and better friction-reducing capabilities. When your engine has an increase in lubrication, the engine will have less friction, which will enable it to run smoother and easier, thus leading to better gas mileage. Clean motor oil in your engine also helps your engine to run cleaner, and an engine that runs cleaner will emit less amounts of exhaust. With an oil change, dirty motor oils are replaced with clean, fresh motor oil that can better absorb hazardous engine byproduct emissions and engine particles.

Cleaner engine oil will also allow the internal parts of your engine to operate smoother and easier, which will enable your engine to provide you with maximum mechanical output. This very important process will lead to an increase in engine performance. For these reasons, an oil change is significant for your engine longevity, and its overall performance ability.

You can call and schedule an appointment with a reputable car care center for your next oil change. You may even be able to take it in at your convenience, as some companies do 'walk-in' services. However, it is important that you keep getting this very important maintenance service for your vehicle on a regular basis in order to get the performance, functionality, and long life you need out of your vehicle.

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