Nov 17, 2012

Find Unique Gifts for Unique Moms

Is your mom the type who can do it all? Does she do all the cooking, cleaning, and then help with homework and knit a perfect sweater, all the in same night?

Or is she the type that runs the household, keeps your Dad in line, and works a full-time job as the President of a company while training for marathons in her "spare" time?

Whatever type of mom she is, chances are there's no one else that does it just the way she does. Because she's so special to you, why would you waste your time giving her an impersonal gift? Give her something that says, "You are unique and this gift shows you just how special you are to me.

Where to Start

Okay, so you have decided to find the perfect unique gifts for unique moms. Where do you start looking for such a thing? Think about her personality first and it will help you decide what direction to take.

Is your mom a glamour queen? If she takes the time each morning to curl her hair and apply make-up and has impeccable style, chances are she would appreciate a fine piece of jewelry as a gift.

There's no shortage of jewelry to choose from in the marketplace today. However, think outside of the normal pair of sterling silver earrings or the pearl necklace. Remember, you are looking for unique, not something every other mom in the world owns.

Very Unique Jewelry for Less Than a Year's Salary

Chances are, you want to find the perfect unique gifts for unique moms, but you can't afford to blow your budget. Your mom wouldn't want you to do that, anyway.

Examples of unique jewelry that won't cost you an arm and a leg are cabochon gemstones and labradorite jewelry.

Cabo-what? Labra-what? See, you haven't heard of these types of jewelry before. Unique is the name of the game! No one else in her circle of friends will have anything like it and the smile it will bring to her face is more than worth it.

Cabochon gemstones are gemstones that have been cut a certain way for a different look to avoid showing imperfections in the stones. These gemstones are usually very polished and give off a beautiful luster in the light. Many different types of stones are cut into cabochon gemstones, including sapphires, moonstones and rubies. Cabochon gemstones can look good in many different settings and the style is timeless.

Labradorite jewelry is more commonly called moonstone jewelry because the stones used are normally blue or white in color and look similar to the face of the moon. Labradorite jewelry gives off a brilliant sheen that will set your mom's eyes aglow when she wears it. Like with cabochon gemstones, labradorite jewelry looks good in many different settings and has a timeless look. Your mom can wear it forever.

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