Nov 19, 2012

Do You Have A Unique Selling Proposition (USP) For Your Online Home Business?

Having a unique selling proposition (USP) is what separates you from all the people, who compete with you in your marketplace. It's what makes you so unique from others who sell similar products or services. Your USP is what makes customers choose to buy from you and not from others. It's what makes you to have a unique advantage in business over others. Have you ever thought of having one?

Your unique selling proposition is a determining factor to your success in any business. If you are not yet clear about your uniqueness, then it's really hard to succeed in business. You should know that there are always other businesses that offer the products or services you offer. This means that for you to survive the competition, you must have something unique that attracts people to do business with you.

In a competitive marketplace, you should focus on how to differentiate your products or your services and your whole business from others. You have to think about how best to position your business so that you stand out of the crowd in order to withstand the competition and to make money online. Have you ever thought about it?

Remember that everyone offers professional services, quality products, quality services and value for money. If you also position yourself as someone who offers the same, then it may really be difficult to attract customers to buy from you. To stand out, you will have to say something else that is unique and different.

Coming up with a unique selling proposition is something you should consider carefully. You need to think about it deeply in order to identify your uniqueness. You should be clear about what you do or what you want to start doing that communicates clearly what is different and unique from your competition. After identifying your uniqueness, you have to build your brand name with it. You have to communicate your uniqueness to everyone you do business with and in various ways.

An effective unique selling proposition should basically find the solution to the problem your targeted customers have, what they want and what they will benefit. For instance, if you have a web designing business and you have identified the problems with your potential customers as being slow loading and unattractive websites designed by people who take too long and have little knowledge in online marketing, you can easily know that what they want are beautifully designed fast-loading websites with highly optimized web pages. For demonstration purposes, you can come up with the following USPs:

"A fast loading website designed in just a week"

"A quick and simple website with pages loading in less than 5 seconds"

"A web designing business that meets your online marketing needs within a week"

"Nice-looking and fast loading websites designed by an experienced online marketer within a week"

In the example above, you can notice that each one of the USPs provides a solution to the problems of the customers and defines what they want to fulfill their needs. If your targeted customers come across those messages and they find out that you are a better person to meet their needs, you stand high chances of doing business with them.

Having a USP and communicating it to your potential customers alone is not enough. You have to be part of each and everything you do. This simply means that just having your USP only in words doesn't work and will NEVER work for you. You should live it by showing it to your customers in actions. It's very important to exhibit what you stand for by doing it.

As a piece of advice, consider developing a USP for your online business to take it to another level. Communicate it to your targeted customers on your website, in your adverts, on your business cards, and in any other way that you may deem necessary. Finally, live what you stand for by showing it in your actions. It's your actions that will substantiate and speak louder than your words.

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