Nov 20, 2012

Custom Photo Album - Four Steps to Create Unique Photo Album Gift for Any Occasion

It's a known fact the Photo Albums has been the gift of the century: from traditional to custom made photo albums. That's because it is the safest gift option available. You just cannot go wrong when you give photo album as a gift. People often has abundance of photos, therefore there is always a need for photo albums.

Though an excellent and practical gift option, the enthusiasm for photo album gifts diminished. But this can be easily countered with a unique custom photo album gift.

You probably are afraid to tackle the challenge of designing a unique custom photo album gift. Many believe that they are not creative enough or just don't know where to start. Therefore, I established four basic steps in designing a unique custom made photo album as gift.

Step 1: Establish a Theme. A theme for your photo album will help you immensely in creating a unique custom photo album design. The most popular theme for custom made photo album is Wedding, Sweet Sixteen,Debut, or Quinceniera.

When you combine custom made photo album concept with milestone events, the photo album gift is not only unique but very practical. The recipient of the custom photo album could group all of her or his photo into one photo album that matched the occasion.

Step 2: Establish Gift Recipient Profile.If you are designing this photo album for yourself, you can skip this step. This step is very important if you are designing custom made photo album as a gift. One of the major problems when designing a photo album gift is that people forget that they are designing it for someone else.

This is just a precaution to ensure that your photo album design reflects the sense of style of the gift recipient, making the photo album gift unique to his/her personality. Profile information could be as simple as their age, favorite color, or style.

Step 3: Select Your Color. Color combinations play a key role in designing a unique custom made photo album design. If the photo album gift is relevant to a party (e.g. Sweet Sixteen, Wedding, etc.), then you can use the motive color of the party. Otherwise, select the recipient's favorite color.

Color combinations could make your photo album unique. After all, how many photo albums have you seen that has different color combinations? If you wish to use color combination for a unique photo album design, color wheel makes a great reference. Here are the basic color combinations you can use for your custom photo album design.

Mono-chromatic color scheme use a combination of colors with different tones, tints, and shades from one color (e.g. blue, dark blue, light blue). This color scheme creates harmony and is perfect for conservative custom made photo album design.
Complimentary color scheme is a combination of colors opposite of each other in the color wheel (e.g. purple and yellow). These two colors has strong clash, creating a funky combination. Perfect for absolutely unique photo album design.
Analogous color scheme is a combination of adjacent colors in the color wheel (e.g. yellow and yellow-green; blue and blue-green). Analogous color scheme creates a warm look which is great for conservative custom made photo album design.
Triadic color scheme uses three colors that are of the same distance from each other such as red-yellow-blue. I suggest you use this for a funkier custom photo album design.

Step 4: Brainstorm A Unique Photo Album Design. Now that you have a theme, profile, and color scheme, you are ready to create a unique design for your custom made photo album. Basing your photo album design on the profile from Step 2would make your custom made photo album gift absolutely priceless and unique to the recipient. This step is important since it forces you to narrow down your design ideas into one unique custom made photo album gift.

These four basic steps will help you tremendously in creating a unique custom photo album gift that the recipient will fall in love with. It requires a little bit more research and thought, but you would be please with the recipient's reaction. Please visit EmJee Designs at [] for more information on custom made photo album gifts.

MJ Millares is a gift advisor of EmJee Designs. She has been providing unique personalized gift ideas [] and tips for EmJee Designs customers since 2003. To find out more information on custom and unique photo album gifts [], please visit EmJee Designs website at []

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