Nov 18, 2012

Bringing Unique Elements To Your Kitchen And Bathroom With Unique Towel Holders

Unique towel holders are becoming more of a preference for modern homes. This is due in part to the ever popular contemporary movement that has been so prevalent in the past decade or so. Many of these uniquely designed towel holders exhibit modern aspects that flourish in modern themes.

Generally consisting of wall mounted designs, these unique accessories come in a wide variety of styles and designs that pertain to most contemporary decor. Whether you are looking for a classic design with slightly modern attributes; or simply an eye popping off the wall look, there is an option for every style preference.

Unique Towel Holders - Updated Styles

The unique designs exhibited by these accessories offer an eye popping element to the decor of the space in which they are incorporated. Through their sleek and modern approaches and smooth transitional curvature and angular dimensions, they can really fill in a lot of hard to fill gaps with your overall theme.

Generally, these unique towel holders are constructed of a higher grade metallic material, such as chrome, solid stainless steel, and even nickel. As a result, they exhibit brilliant surface finishes and are also extremely durable, despite their intricate and seemingly delicate designs.

Classic Open Hoop

This design is probably one of the more simplistic; yet nonetheless, remains one of the most popular. This is due to the fact that the open hoop design offers a great deal of functionality in allowing multiple towels to be spread out over a larger surface without having to take up as much wall space as a traditional towel bar. Aside from their functionality, they offer an exotic look with an accentuated open loop that melds well into modern decor. In all, this is a fantastic option for variously styled kitchens as well as your every day modern bathroom.

Modern Angular Designs

These designs are among the most popular in a modern setting. Generally, these angular based towel holders exhibit a simple yet effective design that consists of a number of different curves and angular patterns that result in a functional shape. These are manufactured specifically to stand out and become an eye opening asset to your kitchen or bathroom decor.

Pivoting Towel Holders

Pivoting towel holders are a new design to this classic accessory. They consist of a single 5-8 inch hook that is connected to mounted hinges. This particular holder is meant more so for bathrooms, and particularly easy access to the towel from the shower. However, they can be functional in a kitchen setting that has plenty of wall space. They exhibit a very modern look, generally manufactured in high grade polished chrome which gives them a very sleek and high end elegance.

In all, these unique towel holders offer some off the wall design aspects that can add an increased functionality, as well as a unique element to the space in which they are incorporated. Whether you opt for a unique kitchen towel design, or a piece for the bathroom; it is important to add different aspects of the decor spectrum to a space to keep things flowing, and throwing in an eye popping accessory really helps bring everything together.

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