May 3, 2012

Insider Visa See the World's leading Brand of Electronic Payment Card

Visa is a trademark of Visa International Service Association, the company owns about 20,000 members of the banks, with an operating license issued Visa cards based on their names (for example, Bank of America, Wells Fargo Visa or Visa). Visa International itself does not issue cards, or provide credit card holders. On the contrary, each member bank issued cards, card holders to set their own conditions, for example, the annual fee for using the card, the interest rate will be charged on credit balances and late payment penalties). Member banks are also responsible that contacted with the request that they accept Visa cards and merchants to provide the necessary technical support to these dealers handle visa procurement transactions. Banks that allow Visa cards compete for cardholders, but they all need to work together to bind to the participating merchants can to any bank issued Visa card.

Visa International's main role is to serve as the card holders and trade center. It does this by maintaining large, around the clock, electronic payments network, in which purchases are processed. Visa International is also responsible for increasing its brand name, selling, sponsorship agreements and other activities. For its part, Visa makes most of its money for its member banks' fees.

All brand traces its roots to 1958 when California-based Bank of America began to issue BankAmericard, the first of its kind electronic payment card. 1966 Bank of America began licensing other U.S. banks issue BankAmericard. In 1970 the bank agreed to sell the BankAmericard credit card program article NBI National BankAmericard, Inc.). Newly established corporation where all the banks which issued the BankAmericard was the same property. , NBI Development was led by Dee W. Hock g. 1929), Seattle National Bank, a banking license bankers.

The early 1970s launched the BankAmericard development process. In agreement with foreign banks, the card was issued on many different names, including the United Kingdom, Canada, Sumitomo Card Barclaycard Chargex Japan, and Bancomer in Mexico. Finally, it was renamed in 1976. BankAmericard and daughter cards Visa name to be immediately recognized around the world (and published in the same way).

As the name Visa was introduced in front of more than three decades in the world, the company has achieved phenomenal growth and capitalized on the basis of new technologies to improve service efficiency, convenience and reliability. During most of its history, surpassed all its main competitors, including MasterCard, American Express and discover brand recognition and worldwide billings.

One of the largest Visa's success in promoting its brand came in 1986 when the company became the official credit card sponsor of the Olympic Games. Under the agreement, Visa sponsorship to pay a large fee in exchange for the fact that only a credit or debit card accepted buy tickets, gift items and all other Olympic events of items sold. Visa also only card accepted automated teller machines (ATM) to the Olympic complex and other official Olympic venues. In addition, Visa is only a credit card issuer has the right to advertise and display your logo games. This exclusive agreement, which was scheduled to continue through the 2012 Olympic Games proved to be very successful in increasing international awareness of the Visa product.

Also in 1980 all have expanded their services to cardholders immediate access to cash through the partnership with the Plus System, Inc.. "One of the largest ATM networks in the United States of America. The late 1980s, through an agreement with Interlink, the largest network in the United States of America, restaurants and retail stores that accept debit cards, Visa debit cards have become the leading brand in the country. Permitting holders need to use a debit card to pay for everyday purchases like groceries and gas, all opened up vast new frontier of payment convenience to its cardholders. in 1990, with online shopping and fast demand for debit card use is incurred, Visa has been focused on new technologies to improve its payment processing network speed, capacity and security. Abroad Linkers provide Student Visa, Work Visa, Permanent Visa, Tourist Visa to USA, U.K, ZewZeland, Australia, Canada, Europe, Singapore very fast.

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