Apr 27, 2012

No occasion is complete without a cake, be it a wedding, birthday, anniversary, baptismal, graduation, house and office warming. Cakes do come in pretty cake boxes that make them easier to carry and transport.

There are many different kinds of cake boxes but most of them are made out of sturdy cardboard. They come in all sizes, shapes, colors and designs. For occasions like a debut or a wedding, more often than not, invited guests are given presents that they can take home like a pretty box with a cake inside. Some can take a slice of the wedding or debutante's cake and put it in a slice box.

Cakes all packed in pretty cake boxes make a fantastic party favors. Depending on the occasion that's being celebrated, you can order personalized boxes in the color and design that suits your taste or that will match your party theme. You can put the date of the occasion as well as have the recipient's name printed on it.

If there is a party you wish to organize yourself, it is a must that you have a list of things to do and buy in order for you not to overlook a single detail. These days, cakes have become part of every celebration so you must plan ahead in order for you to determine the type of cake that you would want to bake or order. If you are planning to make cakes for giveaways, then you must also think of cake boxes that you will be using.

You must have a definite number of guests that you want to invite as well as decide on the quantity of cakes that you need as party favors or if you want to order a huge cake and give your invited guests a slice each. You can visit party supplies or crafts store to look for nice cake boxes that will fit your specifications. Oftentimes, cakes do come with frosting and other decorations so you also need to take into account the size of the boxes that you should buy. To make sure your cake will look nice and gorgeous, you also have to consider buying decorative accessories and cake supports. It is very important that cakes are packed in boxes with the proper size to avoid getting pitted.

So, along with shopping for your disposable party plates, cups, cutlery, napkin and decorations, look for those pretty cake boxes with the same color and design as your party motif. Stocking up on party supplies and buying in bulk can save you money and allow you much more convenience. This is also an excellent idea that saves you more time and gas from making unnecessary trips to party supplies shop. Since these items are non-perishable, wholesale shopping is a fantastic idea especially if you're one that loves organizing and hosting parties. Some shops even give huge discounts on their party supplies when bought in bulk.

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