Dec 3, 2011

This is weird Cows Eyed One of Sumenep

This is weird Cows Eyed One of Sumenep - Residents of the Hamlet Laok Bilapora Songai West Village, District Ganding, Sumenep, shocked with the birth of one-eyed cow.

Cow's Dirun was born normal. Position above his eye in the mouth. Form his eyes look like a cow in general. Protruding eyeballs.

Locals call it the cow 'eyed god'. However, the normal body shape like a cow in general. Conditions are healthy and able to stand.

Cattle owners, Dirun (57) tells, before the odd cow was born, he had dreamed of plowing the fields. But the cow did not want to go out, to hit with a spade in his head.

"It turned out that my cow was suddenly born like this. Maybe the dream as an omen," he said on Tuesday (29/11/2011).

Dirun said, who first discovered the abnormal cow born wife, Asni, coming home from grazing. "Yes, because the odd cow, just a one-eyed, so many people are flocking to see," he said.

Dirun expect the birth of the one-eyed cow brings blessings to his family life. "I'll keep the cow. Hopefully this bodes well for my family," he hoped.

Dirun feed into the eyes of a cow's milk and chicken eggs. "Thankfully many people who give children milk on my calves," he said.

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