Dec 9, 2011

List of Best Short War

1. Anglo-Zanzibar War, 45 minutes 

War year: 1896 
Between: British Empire vs Zanzibar 
Outcome: British victory 

2. 6 Day War, 6 days 

War year: 1967 
Reuters: Israel vs. Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iraq
Results: Israel wins 

3. India-Pakistan War, 13 days 

War year: 1971 
Reuters: India vs Pakistan 
Result: Bangladesh became an independent state 

4. Serbian-Bulgarian War, 14 days 

War year: 1885 
Between: The Kingdom of Serbia vs Kingdom of Bulgaria 
Results: Bulgaria wins 

5. Armenia-Georgia war, 24 days 

The war years: 1918 
Between: Georgia vs Armenia 
Outcome: Mutual administration of disputed district 

6. Sino-Vietnam, 27 days 

War year: 1979 
Reuters: China vs Vietnam 
Results: Both sides claim win 

7. Greece-Turkey, 30 days 

The war years: 1897 
Reuters: Greece vs. Ottoman Empire 
Results: Greece defeated 

8. The second Balkan War, 32 days 

War year: 1913 
Reuters: Bulgaria vs. Greece, Serbia, Montenegro, Romania, Ottoman Empire 
Results: Bulgaria loses 

9. Polish-Lithuanian War, 37 days 

War year: 1920 
Between: Republic of Poland vs. Lithuania 
Results: Poland win 

10. Falklands War, 42 days 

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