Dec 9, 2011

Heart Heart With Tea Bags

Heart Heart With Tea Bags - Odd News - Create a've been to the factory paper / pulp, probably know that chlorine is a chemical compound that is very bad with the environment and humans, especially to attack the nerves, etc.! From a distance the plant is easy to see if there is a yellow smoke billowing from the plant, it is not unusual but chlorine gas fumes. 

So the industry got a great attack from environmental NGOs because of the above in addition to the problems of forestry. Paper made from pulp slurry is dark brown-black. So that the fiber is white, bleach needed a kind of material (a type of Rinso / baycline) the strength of chlorine compounds is very loud! 

Paper with cloth, because it has fiber. If you mo what bener test whether or not, please try later tonight to take a tissue East Studio (disco) or to a photo studio, look at the tissue will give off light when subject to ultraviolet light from the disco lights! Means still contain high chlorine. 

Chlorine Dangerous Substances 

If in developed countries, this product should make the process of Neutralization with the cost of expensive enough to be free of chlorine and dapet health labels. 

Tissue or paper food from developed countries are not going to dapet label Depkesnya TSB issued as taxable UV light. Sami mawon cigarette paper, and some calcium carbonate fuel to power the same as the tobacco and will decompose so CO when burned. In Indonesia there is no control, so please be careful. 

Please protect your families! Drink tea, not chlorine. 



Style tea brewed back home again, smoking a pipe leaves or longer, or for advance leave smoking at all 

You like to drink tea? And, as a modern man you would like to practically everything, right?Well, you would often drink tea using tea bags. Besides being like the taste of tea, you may drink tea because it sure will be many benefits of tea. For example, red tea for relaxation, black tea for digestion, or green tea for slimming. However, what you're used to dip the tea bag pouch for long? 

Perhaps, you think, the longer the tea bag dipped in hot water, the more properties of tea left in the tea beverage ... In fact, the opposite is totally different! Substance content of chlorine in paper bags tea bags will dissolve. Especially if you dip the tea bag more than 3-5 minutes. 

Chlorine or chlorine, chemicals commonly used in the paper industry. Its function, disinfectant paper, until the paper is free from bacterial decay and durable. In addition, the paper with chlorine does look cleaner. Because disinfectants, chlorine in large quantities of dangerous. Not much different from the insect venom. Many studies have suspected a link between intake of chlorine in the human body with infertility in men, babies born handicapped, mentally retarded, and cancer.

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