Dec 6, 2011

4 Ways of Maintaining Weight Loss

Successful weight loss is an accomplishment, but maintain it is a real challenge. That's why the experts try to trace the track records of 5,000 people who managed to throw the 30 kg weight and keep it for 5 years. And this is the fourth secret of success to maintain weight naturally.

1. Always breakfast

The study showed a statistically people who rarely breakfast bersiko 4.5 times for menjagi obesity. This is because people who eat breakfast tend mengasup fewer calories during the day.

2. Weigh

As many as 75 percent of people surveyed routinely weighed at least once a week. Other studies have shown regular weighing BB beneficial for weight control in the long run.

But we need to realize that our weight fluctuates from day to day, from hour to hour. For example, if you do a lot of salty foods mengasup then the body will draw more fluid so the weight slightly increased. Therefore weigh just once a week is recommended. If you feel depressed with the numbers scale, make the circumference of pants as an indicator.

3. Turn off the television

As many as 62 percent of respondents watch television less than 10 hours per week. This little habit is actually a big impact because our body burns fewer calories than when we watch TV while reading or even sleeping. One main factor is that most people tend to watch TV while eating or snacking.

4. Routine exercise

About 90 percent of respondents exercise an hour every day. The time seemed very long, but actually took 60 minutes can be divided into several sections. Eg 15 minutes before leaving for work, 15 minutes after lunch, and 30 minutes after dinner. Exercising does not have to go to the gym. The form can be as simple as dancing, walking, or riding a bike.

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