Dec 11, 2011

3 World's Most Influential Films

1 The Godfather (1972)

Director: Francis Ford Copolla
Cast: Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, James Caan, Robert Duvall
Oscar: Best Actor, best picture, best screenplay writing

When Don Vito Corleone began to provide power to Michael, bloody mafia family drama came up with a classy, ​​filled with violence and murder, all in the name of interest. Although the characters tell the criminals who justifies any means, but Coppola managed to show that criminals are also human beings who have feelings and fears. There is also a story that has depth and complexity that makes it still compelling to watch anytime. If this is the movie action then the depth of the story will disappear and turn into ordinary entertainment, drama and dialogue instead of there being a strength of this film.

The story behind ...
Behind every great movie there is a great story behind the screens, especially for the film that catapulted Marlon Brando, Al Pacino and Francis Ford Coppola. Decade 70s seem to belong Coppolla with The Godfather, The Godfather Part II and Apocalypse Now, share with Martin Scorsese in Taxi Driver.
The process is really tiring, Coppola almost fired because the studio wanted to Sergio Leone, and the studio did not like with Marlon Brando, a group of Italian descent in America who threatened to boycott this movie, animal lover who criticized the group cut a horse's head scene is horrific that even the original mafia diinta as advisors in this film. But the film is still a classic and legendary, topped the best movies of any version of the past 30 years.
Studio and wanted Robert Redford to play Michael Corleone, but Copolla wanted a green that has not been well-known actor, Al Pacino, who opposed the choice by the studio. Al Pacino finally allowed to play after Copolla threatened to strike from the production of this film.

In fact ...
Al Pacino, James Caan, and Diane Keaton each received U.S. $ 35,000, Robert Duvall gets U.S. $ 36,000 for the six weeks of filming and Marlon Brando get U.S. $ 50,000 plus a weekly fee of U.S. $ 1,000 plus 5% of film profits. Brando earn more money when he included the difficult actor working with the crew, refused to memorize the script, and just want to read from a large carton.


Director: Victor Fleming
Cast: Clark Gable, Vivien Leigh, Leslie Howard
Oscar: Best actress in a leading role, best actress in a supporting role, best art direction, best Cinematography color, best director, best film editing, best screenplay writing, best picture.

About the state of the United States when civil war. Scarlett O'Hara, heroine pretty selfish in love with Ashley Wilkes but Ashley is married to Melanie Hamilton instead. Then came Rhett Butler equally cynical and selfish, but she could not easily conquered and the love story is increasingly proving the power of acting Clark and Vivien.
This story can be divided into two, first is the period of civil war after Abraham Lincoln was elected and the second part is the end of civil war. Long duration that can make you tired watching it. However, the duration was able to show the changing character of women spoiled Scarlett became an independent female figure.

The story behind ...
As a legendary film, not only the costumes and compelling drama, but this film managed to show a period in which the southern part of the American lifestyle depicted, a period which no longer exist after the civil war.
Besides the two main actors, Hattie McDaniel, a black actress who plays the waiter was able to capture attention even in his day to penetrate the stereotypical characters played by black people.

In fact ...
Gone With The Wind is the brainchild of Margaret Mitchell's novel was first published in 1936 and won the Pulitzer in 1937. This novel is the only book that ever made ​​by Margaret Mitchell in his lifetime, but became one of America's best-selling novels.


Director: David Lean
Cast: Peter O'Toole, Omar Sharif, Alec Guinness, Anthony Quinn
Oscars: best director, best art direction, best Cinematography, best film editing, best music, best sound, best picture 

The story of Lt. Col. Thomas Lawrence (Peter O'Toole) involved the history of the Arab world, especially the Arab Revolt of 1916 to 1918. in addition it also raised the emotional conflict that Lawrence saw atrocities of war and the search for her identity and loyalty is split between the UK and his new comrades in Arabic. Lawrence learned many things, habits of the Arabs to their political, making it an important figure in the history of the Arabs.

The story behind ...
Originally the man born in 1888 was not as handsome and as high as Peter O'Toole and his adventures attracted public attention when it was written by journalist Lowell Thomas, and he wrote his own book, Seven Pillars of Wisdom. These adventurers were killed at the age of 46 years due to motorcycle accidents.

In fact ...
King Hussein of Jordan was kind enough to lend the whole brigade of soldiers as extras movie, so soldiers in the film are played by real soldiers. King Hussein himself often visited the set and fell in love with the British secretary, Antoinette Gardiner, who became his second wife in 1962.
Exhausting filming done in Morocco, Jordan and Spain. Filming in Jordan have moved to Spain because the crew a lot of sick and bloated costs.
In a scene shot attack in Aqaba that in Spain, the crew set up 300 buildings based on the original appearance of the city of Aqaba in 1917. friendly atmosphere in Jordan was found in Morocco, extra troops impatient and unwilling to obey orders. The result gain a lot of praise.With a very long duration, none have emerged female actresses.


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