Nov 26, 2011

Words of Women want Men

Men desired sentence of WomenWords of Women want men - you've heard right, that women speak three times more than men. So if you speak 20,000 words a day, he's just say 7000 words. However, whether the sentences that came from your lips really is something he wants to hear?

While I was chatting intimately with the man you love, or even her husband of five years of marriage with you, make sure you just say a sentence or comments that mattered to him. You know that men want to always be needed, or wanted to be useful for his partner. If you submit the following five sentences, we can be sure his ego will always be satisfied.

1. "Then what happened?"
Every person naturally wants his life to be interesting. Therefore, when talking to the guy you like, do not let you cut him off, change the subject, or wiggle your feet as a sign of boredom. Avoid also repeatedly say, "Oh, so ...." Please comment more active, like, "Ah, you're kidding! After that, what are you doing?" Thus, he will know that you sincerely want to know him further.

2. "It's great!"
You must have watched a man who feels very meaningful when finally promoted at work, or successfully address the problem on his computer without the help of information technology staff. Whatever he does, if by chance you know, do not hesitate to satisfy his ego by praising his efforts. For example, "Jeez, how could you you beat him? He's good at ...." Your comments will make it hover forgot to land again on earth.

3. "Thank you."
Speech is very simple, but sometimes forgotten. Just because you felt it was close to him, then you consider what it does is as it should (so no need to be appreciated). Say thank you if he will praise your appearance when attending a friend's wedding reception together. Say thank you when he buy you dinner. Thank you so much lead up to the house safely. He will feel very appreciated.

4. "What do you do when not working?"
Fun job, position is important, of course is the pride of a man. Especially if he has many other interests outside of work life. Whether he liked tinkering with cars, playing guitar, has a side business, or photography. Try to find out what the passion of a man, who had not previously been revealed. You will get a full picture of himself as a person, and not just what he did to earn money. And he will be happy to share the deepest dreams.

5. "I was wondering something."
As a single woman, you may be accustomed to doing everything yourself. You even feel no need of a man's help to find a place that you want to go, for example. But remember once again, men want to always feel needed. So the opportunity to give an opinion or support for women who loved him will be very meaningful. Therefore, even though you actually get used to own, ask for opinions about the gadget you want to buy. Ask his opinion about the complicated situation that you face with your boss. Avoid asking about the color of clothes that suit you, whom his ex, or to be more to know about the things under their control.

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