Nov 26, 2011

[TIPS] Causes and Tips to prevent amnesia


Amnesia is memory loss / one's memory, such as events, information, and experiences. In general amnesia does not cause the loss of identity. Symptoms are also called amnestik syndrome is usually clear and the patient knows who he is, but the trouble to learn about information and forming new memories.
Amnesia caused by damage to the brain that are important for processes such memori.Tidak temporary episode of memory loss (transient global amnesia), amnestik syndrome may be a permanent memory loss. Clinical treatment mentions, there is no specific treatment for amnesia, but there are techniques to improve memory. Psychological support and family can also help people with amnesia.
The main characteristic of amnesia is an impaired ability to learn new information after the onset of amnesia (anterograde amnesia) as well as an impaired ability to remember past events and previously known information. People with the syndrome amnestik can not store new information. In some instances they are susceptible to interference at the level of his memory. However, this memory loss will not affect intelligence, general knowledge, awareness, attention span, assessments, personality, and their identity. Amnestik syndrome patients are usually able to understand verbal and tulisan.Mereka did not lose the expertise that is under their control, such as riding motorcycles, playing guitar.
Amnesia may also occur because of damage to brain structures that make up the limbic system, which controls emotions and kenangan.Struktur include the thalamus in the center of the brain and hippocampal formation in temporal lobe of the brain.
There is also another type called a rare psychogenic amnesia or dissociative. This happens because the patient shocked or emotional trauma, such as victims of crime. But usually this happens in a short time. Doctors Yoeswar Darisan, SpS, from the Indonesian Red Cross Hospital in Bogor said the medical world amnesia said to be forgotten or unconsciously in a while. "Forget it, this is only the symptom. Usually more because of trauma to the head, "he told Tempo last Thursday.
These symptoms can be from mild to berat.Menurut Yoeswar scale, if the patient asked about the incident that caused amnesia, such as falls, accidents, and certain events, he will not remember at all.
In contrast with senile dementia or often called. "In people with dementia will remember more if reminded," he said. There is no treatment that can be done for patients with amnestik syndrome. While treatment for patients with dementia syndrome that leads to lack of vitamin B1 can be done by replacing vitamins and give a balanced nutrition. The amnesic patients can generally be treated on a regular basis to learn new information. Could use intact memories as a basis to take new information, even through memory training by managing a variety of strategies to make it easier to remember and understand things.
The sophistication of the technology can be used with amnesia, such as personal digital assistants, BlackBerry, and iPhone. This powerful tool used to help people with severe amnesia in performing everyday tasks. If no advanced devices, notebook calendar, reminder pills, photographs, and a particular place also can help them.
Living with people with amnesia is not an easy thing. Not only family and friends are frustrated, but also the patient himself. "Talk to someone or those who understand the amnesia or support group may be further lighten his load.

1. Do not be too much to consume alcoholic beverages.
2.Gunakan helmet when cycling or motor biking and always wear seat belts when driving a car.
3.Segera treatment if they have an infection that had not spread to the brain.
4.Segera do the medical attention if you experience symptoms that lead to the occurrence of stroke or brain aneurysm (swelling of blood vessels of the brain), severe headaches trillionth ti ta ser next numbness or paralysis.

1. False memories (confabulation)
2. Neurological problems, such as tremors and seizures
3. Aging
4. Alcoholism
5. Brain damage, either due to illness or injury in a collision
6. Per plant of the brain (caused by tumors or infection)
7. Brain infection, or syphilis trillionth ti Lymedisease
8. Depression or emotional trauma, brain trauma, hysteria and stroke
9. The drugs, benzodiazepines and trillionth ti anesthetic drugs
10.Terapi elektrokonfulsif (especially those done in the long run)
11. Anesthetic drugs
12. Problem nutrients (vitamin B12 deficiency)

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