Nov 30, 2011

Found, Other Artifacts Divination 'Doomsday' 2012

During this doomsday December 21, 2012 referring to the Mayan inscriptions of Tortuguero.

Film 2012 (Film 2012)

Mayans never predicted the 'end' will occur on December 21, 2012. It is known from the discovery of the Mayan calendar and inscriptions contained in a stone inscription, found on the site Tortuguero, the Gulf coast state of Tabasco, Mexico.

But it turns out, the forecast 'doomsday' is not simply found the Mayan inscriptions on tablets of stone in Tortuguero. A similar prediction was found in an engraving (or perhaps relief) are made of brick, near the ruins of Comalcalco. The Comacalco is unique, because it rarely Mayan temple made of brick.

A spokesman for the National Institute of Anthropology and History of Mexico, Arturo Mendez, said the findings are also fragments of these inscriptions have been found since a few years ago. This object has also been investigated, but was not shown and only kept in the institute.

"Comalcalco Brick" is then discussed in a number of lively Internet forums. However, many doubt these findings refer to December 21 or December 23, 2012, as a day of 'doomsday'.

"Some have proposed it as another reference about 2012, but I'm still not sure," said David Stuart, an expert Maya epigraphy at the University of Texas, Austin, United States.

Stuart explains, it is a circle of bricks dating. "The combination of days and months that his position will be repeated every 52 years," said Stuart.

Dates in the brick, according to Stuart, it simultaneously with the final rotation Baktun to-13, based on the Mayan calendar. Rotation Baktun expected to last for 394 years, and number 13 is sacred number for the Maya.

Mayan calendar anticipated to begin in 3114 BC and ended on the 13th Baktun Rotation on December 21, 2012.

However, the calendar on the brick that may explain the Mayan calendar in the past. "There's no reason it can not be a date in the past, which explains some important events and historic Mayan Classical period. In fact, the glyph (inscription) reads like a third in the brick as a verb, 'he is (he / SHE / it) come ', "said Stuart.

"There is no explanation of the sentence that refers to the future (future tense), and according to my calendar this Comalcalco more historical rather than a prediction," continued Stuart.

Based on the inscriptions Tortuguero, there is an explanation of what will happen in 2012. One is the emergence of Yokte Bolon, who is the mysterious Mayan god, who had been associated with war and creation.

Although the inscription is not found to be perfect, the inscription was allegedly called the sentence: "He will come from the sky."

National Institute of Anthropology and History in Mexico and then say, 'Resurrection' in December 2012 is a misinterpretation of Western nations in reading the Mayan calendar. "Divination west has to twist cosmovision (cosmic vision) of past civilizations like the Mayans."

Prophecy 'doomsday' 2012 this was becoming popular, especially after the advent of the movie "2012". Major world disaster movie Roland Emmerich filmed this did take inspiration from the Mayan calendar.

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