Nov 25, 2011

Characteristics Men who really have a Sense of Love

Characteristics Men who really have a Sense of Love True love, puppy love to love magic has revealed discrete in it. When we fall in love with everything our eyes upon those who be loved is beautiful, everything looks like we can do to the idol's heart. When the approach or the relationship has been going there our curiosity whether she really has a sense of love?

Here are some common traits of a man who really has a true love.

Giving clear commitment

A man can only do things like invite romantic dinner, give her flowers, or take a vacation together, but this does not mean she loves you if he does not give a commitment to you. The purpose of commitment in this regard is clear status as his official girlfriend, or even as a (future) wife.

There is little to be changed

True love will bring change to many people. A man really loved when their partner will try to be the best for his partner. If you notice that your partner wants to quit smoking, become more patient in dealing with you or anyone else, essentially trying to become better human beings, this is a clear sign that he loves you with sincerity.

Give Provide

Line the hand of a man, had determined that their future is the head of a family that will provide a living for his family. Therefore, the male will show his love to meet your needs. Do not necessarily think if the couple never gave expensive gifts or not. But when he took the time to buy goods which he knows is you need, is one form of proof of his love.


No human being who wants to lose someone they love. So it is with our spouse. He will think twice before doing things we do not like because he did not want to hurt you much less to lose. Therefore, he will make the ultimate sacrifice of his side to please. For example, there is a regular schedule of days x sport (football) but when you're needed he willingly left her routine is just to accompany you.

It could take time

Perhaps you have always dreamed will get a romantic partner who will treat you like a princess. However, he never once brought you some flowers, let alone invited to do romantic things. He even took a bike ride, or sometimes even do not plan anything and just spent the weekend by going to the supermarket. To a man, is not only about the romance of flowers or a romantic dinner on the beach. For them, the romance is to invite the couple to spend time with them doing everything from washing dishes to watch TV at home. To Them, it's about sharing life with That special person.


A friend is upset because her partner chose to meetings until the night when he was curled up sick at home. "He does not love me," she said, weeping. For a man, not given the attention which should be equal to the desired form of concern to us as women. They still would leave the meeting if it was his duty, but they will call and make sure that you have been taking medication as directed.

Respect and Support

Do you respect your partner? When he was often asked what about something, and not infrequently follow your advice, he considers you as a woman who was commensurate with her. He did not just assume your spouse, but also someone who he believes to provide input in important decisions in his life. This is another form of love than a man.


Not true love if it still exists even though the word lie a little, okay? Must! Yes honest in a relationship that his oar toward the mouth of a happy love. He can tell you 'stupid' when they made mistakes, he can praise vice versa when you do good things. Honest in terms of ugliness and lack the most difficult, but when a man can express it to you, do not doubt his love!

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