Oct 17, 2011

Who's a fatty?

It's me! I've been gardening and gym-ing and looking for work, but I've got a rather unpleasant weight sticking out the front.

But it's all okay. I have a plan now. One with stat. sheets and graphs and everything. I'm 2 days into my regime and it's going well. I plan to upload the results, which include all food consumed and exercise done. It'll look so pretty! Like me!

When I've done diets and changed my habits in the past, I haven't been very motivated, simply because there haven't been good marker points, nor meals planned out in advance.

I wish I could say I was doing this for My Love. I know she'd be happier if I took better care of myself. But I'm really doing this for cosplay. Spike Spiegel doesn't have a paunch! So neither should I.

I must be diligent! Like Ryu!

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